372 - Once Youth & Nylon Shop!

So Nylon Shop is pretty much the best thing ever! I highly recommend checking it out:



370 - Slate or Die

Tank - Some Velvet, Pants and Jacket - Vintage, Shoes - YRU

Love this AC Slater "Slate or Die" tank by Some Velvet! Some Velvet is one RADDDDD shop run by one RADDDDD lady, and this is her own design. I highly recommend checking it out!


368 - Cry Baby

This is my Teddy Boy look, I guess? Or Teddy Girl look as it were? Though gender is a construct, so I guess it's my Teddy Person look.


367 - Wall of Succulents

Can we take a second to talk about fishnet shirts? I mean, is there any greater thing right now?


366 - 97% of the Time

Shorts - Bad Vibes, Top - Vintage

This shirt says, "I'm right 97% of the time. Who cares about the other 4%?"

See, but the problem with this shirt is that I actually am just full of opinions, so when I wear it, it's almost too literal. Like, the joke doesn't quite stick and instead it just creates awkward silence wherein everyone goes, "Hmmm...yeah...well..."


365 - Ideologia

Top - vintage Betsey Johnson, Shorts - Vintage, Thigh-Highs - eBay, Boots - Karmaloop, Knee Harness - Ideologia, Bag - c/o Shoedazzle

I kinda went nuts and ordered a ton of custom harnesses from this Etsy store called Ideologia like six months ago, then forgot I ordered them and never sent the owner my measurements to have them made, then remembered randomly like a month back and emailed the shop, and finally got these bad boys in the mail! Whew -- totally cool and so glad I remembered! Now if only I could find a way to wear hosiery more than once before it rips...


364 - These Jeans Tho

THESE JEANS THO. Like, come on. Best jeans ever. Gypsy Warrior started doing their own label and there is a lot of really great, every day, need-it-but-can't-find-it-anywhere stuff. I had been looking for a good pair of "boyfriend" (hate that term) baggy jeans but couldn't find anything under $100 that looked good. I am SO STOKED on these though! And every time I wear them, people stop and ask where they're from, so that's a good sign that they're working for me (not that I'd much care if they weren't, because I love them and that's all that matters...).

ALSO, added bonus, my favorite TUK Anarchic vegan creepers finally died a slow death, and TUK offered to send me some new goods, these boots included! Lovin' plaid right now. They also sent me some oil spill boots and blue metallic creepers. Their selection is killin it right now.