12 - Biker Broad

Denim Motorcycle Jacket - Vintage, Cardigan - Vintage Gap, Blouse - Vintage Pajama Shirt, Shorts - Vintage DIY Cut-offs, Fishnet Socks - Target (!), Shoes & Purse - Forever 21, Jewelry - Konstantino & Flea Market & Vintage

I made myself a charm bracelet by affixing a bronze shark tooth onto a wire loop, then hooking it through a link bracelet. The end result is a bit like what would happen if you sent your gothic and/or surfer kid to summer camp. Also, I decided to dress like a biker babe today. I stuck with shorts because I really want to take advantage of the California sunshine before I hop on a plane to Dallas tomorrow.

In other news, I have been known to draw on occasion. I will have to scan my sketchbook one day soon to post. The illustrations are all just pencil outlines of gypsy girl faces in fashion illustration form. One of my favorite fashion illustrators right now is Cate Parr. Konstantino had the pleasure of working with Cate for a project we did over Fall. Her work is just stunning, and she is the most wonderful person in the world. She sells her illustrations on her Etsy store, silverridgestudio. Some of her prints are available for $35, and you know by now how I like a deal. Here are some of my favorite Cate Parr pieces:

Isn't her work spectacular? I want to wallpaper my house in her prints.


  1. oh wow, i am completely in love with her work. i think i have to purchase one (how to choose?!). so so beautiful, and you look damn hot.

  2. oh those paintings are beautiful..and i really like your jacket!!!

  3. i love the sketches....nice blog