13 - Kurt Cobain, I will be your date to the prom.

Sweater - DIY Chopped Vintage from Salvation Army $5, Belt - Phillip Lim from Neiman Marcus Bargain Box $20 (!), Skirt - Vintage from SLOW $15, Bag - Vintage from Army Surplus Store $5, Sunglasses - Vintage from San Francisco Alameda Flea Market $15, Shoes - from American Rag $100, Jewelry - Konstantino and Los Angeles Melrose Flea Market from $5 to $2000.

It feels good to be back in California! I have been traveling for the past two weeks for work and got to come home to copious amounts of work emails and expense reports. Egad! I tried to take today as an emotional "detox" day. I did a little online shopping, went out to lunch on Melrose, then headed to Book Soup on Sunset where my friend Colleen works and where Patton Oswald was doing a Q&A.

Alright, alright: let's move along to more weighty content, shall we? So, the web has been abuzz with opinions regarding this new blog called I Hurt I Am In Fashion. I perused this blog for a while and had a mixed response. While there is some great social commentary (like little jabs at agencies taking advantage of their models, occasional jabs at the predatory Terry Richardson, and jabs at racism in the industry), there is also a lot of commentary that is negative and upsetting. The intent of the blog seem schizophrenic at best. One minute it seems like the goal is to illuminate the industry's exploitation of young girls, the next minute it seems to humiliate the girls in question. They personally insult the models for having a lack of intellect, judgement, agency, or appropriate body measurements. Alternatively, the blog will personally insult anything remotely avant-garde, seeming to stifle creative exploration.

I think what upsets me the most is the fact that this blog shames these girls/women for their profession. The commentary assigned for each photo turns the subject into a victim without taking into account that person's personal story or experiences. The myriad comparisons to prostitution are multi-faceted in their inappropriate nature, whether you support sex workers or not. The bottom line is that it is unfair to make assumptions that are at best unkind and at worst completely humiliating, pairing them with a photo of a person. From an outsider's perspective (and this is purely in regards to viewing images and associated copy), the blog does more to humiliate and take advantage of these models than the fashion industry does. Fashion magazines at least portray these young women as beautiful and powerful, where this blog portrays them as mindless cattle to be mocked and pitied. While it is true that there are a number of concerning issues revolving the fashion industry's current modus operandi, these issues need be dealt with in a manner that is sensitive to innocent parties.

I'm curious to know what Tavi will have to say about all of this. No, we are not on a first name basis. Psh, I wish.


  1. I love that skirt!, and your shoes. I actually read that blog as well, and I feel the same way. Your never know which type of post you will read next


  2. Your shoes are the most amazing color- and I love how they just peek out from under your maxi dress, but they peek out with a bang because they're bright yellow. Also you have a lot of really great rings, and I love how you wear so many at once (I do the same thing- it makes me happy haha).

    I was interested in reading your opinion about "I Hurt I Am In Fashion," and I found the same thing. It's one of those things that just make me shake my head.. And honestly, I think the whole aim is to get attention, and it would seem that it just oozes with self-satisfied "ironic" humor. I don't think these commentaries are witty, I think they are precisely, as you said, what stifle creativity.

    *Claudia* x
    Molto ❤ Fashion

  3. i want your belt and rings!!! such an added quirk to this awesome outfit!!!

  4. Wauw, what an amazing outfit! I love your gypsi vibe :-) Fantastic blog, xx

  5. The outfit is really cool (:


  6. Love that you chopped the sweater off! Just love this whole look!


  7. Oh gorgeous outfit<3 Maybe we could follow each other if you like?


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  9. More than just humiliate the models, I think this blogger just does not understand the motivations behind the industry. They poke fun at the more avant-garde and editorial shots (It's "weird" to have green hair and pills in your mouth), but they don't understand the point. It's about art and creativity and making a statement. Honestly, this blogger is making THEMSELVES seem less intelligent by proving their ignorance of the industry. In addition, this blogger could be going against the "mainstream" just to "be different," which is always extremely frustrating to me.