14 - It's like I'm a Yeti, but a Yeti who's really into The Cranberries.

Shaggy Vest - Forever 21, Knotted Tank Top - American Vintage, Skirt - Forever 21, Jewelry (considerably less than usual!) - Konstantino,
Coral Shoes - Pour la Victoire

So, the apartment across from mine is empty. It is huge and beautiful and the sunlight cascades through the blinds. It cascades! How poetic is that? Enough to make me nauseous. They put carpet in, which I abhor. My apartment has concrete floors.

Anyway, this is a rather boring outfit for me. The jewelry is minimal and the clothing was thrown on in haste. I think this is like the equivalent of jeans and a tee-shirt in Madeline-land. You can't much see the shoes, but they are coral and about 5" tall. I got them from Neiman Marcus Last Call. Every year, Konstantino does this huge presentation for Neiman Marcus, introducing them to our Fall product and telling them about how amazing our brand is. In thanks for the presentation, Neiman Marcus sent me $100 in gift cards, which is just about enough to get a single sock and a high five from a Neiman Marcus store, but enough to get these fantastic coral shoes from Neiman Marcus Last Call.

Here's a little round-up on some online items I have been coveting:

Chic Appeal Knit Biker Shorts via Pixie Market - $78
For to wear under shorts or a body-con mini dress!

American Gold Fringed Dress via Pixie Market - $238
I know this is sort of a "duh" dress, but hey, it's on sale!

Crazy Cardigan via ModCloth - $40
I'd wear this with ripped up jeans and turquoise jewelry.
If my hurr were longer, I'd add a knot-bun so high that it sat on top of my forehead.

Warm Pixie Shag Fringe Jacket via ModCloth - $55
Don't you want this all over you with cut-offs, coral lipstick, and a ton of gothy cross jewelry?

Warm Pixie Epaulet Sweater via ModCloth - $55
I don't even know what you'd wear this with. I'd probably just wear it with underwear, crazy shoes, and a perm and
call it an outfit.

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