2 - Lessons for the Future

Sweater Dress - Vintage, Belt - J. Crew, Jewelry - Konstantino and Flea Market, Stocking and Shoes - Forever 21

Today I learned to always take photos when there is still light outside. Since I am still getting used to this, I didn't want to break the habit on what is merely my second day in. Thus, I am posting strange flash-filled outdoor photos, which give the illusion that perhaps I am doing something very exciting, like going to a party. Young people do that, right? I wouldn't know, being metaphorically an old lady and all.

At this juncture, I find it necessary to note something rather important about my shopping style: I seldom spend over $30 on any one thing. Were I to have more disposable income, I'm sure that would be a different story. However, as it stands, I have a hard time rationalizing any purchase over $30, which is why most of my clothing comes from thrift stores.

The Konstantino jewelry is the only exception to the $30 rule, and that is because I work for the company so I get it for free. I like to mix it in with $5 finds from the flea market. In fact, I'm wearing my three favorite earrings today, all of which are from the flea market. On one ear is a giant sword (which is hard to see in these photos), and on the other ear is a silver hanging skeleton and a gold skateboard. I like to construct narratives surrounding my clothing, and so I obviously consider this skeleton to be on a skateboard mission from beyond the grave. I think it's like Evil Dead meets Bill and Ted.

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