3 - Cheap and Tawdry

Hat - Vintage, Sweater - Vintage, Skirt - Vintage, Jacket - S.W.O.R.D., Shoes - Forever 21, Faux Fur Hat - Flea Market, Earrings - Konstantino, Crocodile and Orange Ring - Flea Market, Lipstick - Revlon Wine Not Matte ColorStay

I love looking at fashion blogs, but frequently run into one of two problems: 1) I could never afford anything featured on the website or 2) My favorite featured garments are vintage, and I have to resign myself to the fact that I will never find anything comparable. Since this ensemble is so heavy on thrifted garb, I figured I'd take some pre-emptive measures to alleviate the latter issue.

Thus, I present to you a collection of items that are very similar to the above look's components:
1. Pleated Skirt from Nastygal - $78 (a little spendy, but very cute)
2. Leather Jacket from Forever 21 - $30 (!)
3. Chunky Knit Sweater from Shotwell SF - $172
4. Taupe Lace-Up Ankle Boots from GoJane - $16 (!)
5. Faux Fur Raccoon Hat from Ebay - $14

What are your favorite affordable places to shop online?


  1. Just saw this outfit over on Chictopia and loved it instantly! I always see colourful skirts like this in charity shops, which I'd love to buy, but can never figure out a good way to style. This outfit is just perfect styling and has given me definite inspiration to go forth and purchase one! Awesome, thank you :)

  2. Just discover this blog via Chictopia, and your looks are AMAZING!

    This one, in particular, is PERFECT, love the fur hat, the skirt and the way you knotted that shirt!

    I wish I could follow you!


  3. Love your skirt


  4. Awesome outfit!! Just perfect. The older looks are also great..love your style!

  5. You have such a great sense of style! Love all your looks!


  6. Really great blog! I just found you on Chictopia! This look is so great! Your style amazing. I am now following your blog :)

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