6 - Velvet Pants; I Swear

The pants are velvet; I swear. You can't tell in these photos. It was a tricky day for photos. It was very bright outside and there were shadows everywhere because the buildings in my neighborhood are very tall. The velvet pants are great though -- I feel like I'm in Kiss.

When I was a kid, one of my favorite songs was "Shoplifters of the World". There's a line in that song which seems to explain me perfectly: "I was bored before I even began." It's always been true -- I tend to get very excited about things, then lose all enthusiasm about three minutes later. That's how I feel about blogging, but I'm going to make myself keep going.

I usually wear Konstantino jewelry, since I work for the company and all, but Shotwell has some amazing jewelry on their webstore right now, and at fantastic prices. I think I'm going to purchase these:

$26 - I think I like it because it looks like Konstantino...

$12! Are you kidding me $12? That's like a practical joke. I'm going to buy five and wear them all on one hand at the same time.



  1. love your style! so chic


  2. that is a supper cute bag and I love your rings :)

  3. That's some pretty awesome jewelry. I especially like the last ring. I adore your style and I love how most of it is vintage!