7 - Where in the World is...

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Cardigan worn as blouse - United Colors of Benetton; Pants - Piko 1988; Cardigan, Hat, and Shoes - Forever 21;
Faux Fur Chain Thing - DIY, Jewelry - Konstantino

There are a lot of photos today! I feel like Carmen Sandiego, which is always a good look. I like how the military trend eventually fades two directions: 1. 1960s protest garb and 2. WWII-era 1940s ensembles. I am wholeheartedly embracing both, though not simultaneously...yet. We'll see how we can work that out.

Tomorrow will mark my first week of working from home. I quite like working from home. I have a midcentury desk that faces a window. We live on the 7th floor of a beautiful building in Los Angeles, so I have a beautiful view of skyscrapers and the hills while I work. Work is sending me to New York next week and Texas the week after that. I'm excited to be doing a little bit of travel, maintaining the momentum from my holiday trip to Portland.

In other news, I had long given up on eBay vintage stores. After the market became oversaturated, and my favorite shops opened up their own webstores (Nasty Gal and Spanish Moss), I stopped paying attention to trendy eBay vintage. However, I recently stumbled across Thrifted. They really have a great selection, and everything is very well styled. Here are a few looks that quite impressed me:

Current bid: $11

Current bid: $12

Current bid: $10

Current bid: $88 (too spendy for my blood, but very cute)