8 - Broke and Baroque

Obnoxious Jacket - UO, Mesh-Inset Tee - Seneca Rising, Heather Drawstring Pants - F21, Jewelry - Konstantino & Vintage

I like going to the Urban Outfitters in Fresno because the crazy pieces are always on sale, so I can find things that work into my $30 rule. This strange feather/fur jacket was on clearance for something like $25.

I mentioned before that I like to construct narratives for the things that I wear. This outfit is definitely a slumber party dress-up outfit, or a rich party-girl Sunday brunch outfit. I was neither at a slumber party nor at a Sunday brunch today, so I guess that just makes me a touch tacky.


  1. hi! just saw you on chictopia and had to search for your blog, your style is awesome!
    nice blog!
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    x zoé - lightningfactory.blogspot.com -

  2. Whoa, I love how you mix all your jewelery. You have amazing style by the way.

  3. Love the fur jacket and the jewelry!, amazing found your on chictopia, I am your new follower


  4. Wow! LOVE your style! this is brilliant! x

  5. Slumber party dress up outfits yield the best results in terms of style-brainstorming.