9 - Biker Beach Gypsy?

Leather Jacket - S.W.O.R.D., Shirt & Skirt - Vintage, Hat & Shoes - F21,
Jewelry - Konstantino & Flea Market

There weren't a lot of photos to choose from today, as the camera battery became worn out as the memory card filled with pictures of my dog in a sad little cone.

Doesn't she look pathetic? It's nothing major (she just has an ointment she isn't supposed to lick), but it sure does make her look adorably miserable.

Last season, Konstantino did a photoshoot for our Fall collection. One of the girls that showed up for casting was Alli from the agency Photogenics. We did not end up using Alli for our shoot, but she had such a unique look that I found myself really wanting to use her in upcoming projects. I went on the Photogenics website today to see what she had been up to and was blown away by her shots:

All of these photos were taken from the Photogenics website here. Isn't she amazing? I love that she is both tough and beautiful.


  1. fantastic outfit, i am lovvvving the skirt with the leather jacket.

  2. Adorable dog, awesome outfit, and that model kind of rules.
    Glad to have discovered your blog!

  3. aw poor dog. mine was subjected to the cone a few years ago when he broke his leg :(
    great pst btw

  4. wow, I love your outfit. that skirt is just amazing.

  5. just had an enjoyable browse through your blog, and i'm really liking this leather jacket, long skirt-sweater combo! your style is very eclectic, but to a whole new level! such a breath fresh air! a new follower indeed!

    come stop by for a visit and or follow too?!


    x Your Only Blackswan

  6. just came across your blog. i love it! i'll definitely be following.

    wolves and sparklers

  7. definitely love your headband, gosh ur dog is adoooorable !