Interlude - Inspiration

Well howdy y'all! I'm in Texas right now for work and it is just swell. Neiman Marcus is based here and I got to meet our buyers from the Buying Office today for the first time. It's all super lovey-dovey in the work world.

I'm holed up in a hotel room tonight, trying to recover from Texas family-style buffet dining, and I'm feeling the urge to seek out a little fashion inspiration. Let me tell you, we are all pretty lucky, because Vogue Italia posts many of their editorials online! Here is what I dug up from their decidedly Italian website:

Fact: Dakota Fanning is a little mini-babe, but we all knew that. Her hair, makeup, and eyebrows in this shot are to die for. Dear DF: gimme your face plz.

In case you were wondering if Kiera Knightly is the most amazing person in the world, let me assure you that she is, especially when she is channeling Johnny Depp in drag. Ru Paul, get this girl on Drag Race!

I saw the photo on the right and suddenly had a much more comprehensive understanding of my own aesthetic. "Ooooh, that's what I'm going for."


The photo on the left looks like my interpretation of hunting/fishing gear. I'd show up all like, "Hey dudes! Is the tofu hunt today?"

Outfit posts will resume on Saturday. Stay tuned for more inspiration this week.


  1. Welcome to Texas. It's pretty exciting here, huh?

  2. great photos..dakota fanning looks ssooo matured!!!!