16 - Isn't Velma supposed to be the hot one?

Glasses - Old Focals Pasadena, Velvet Pants - Forever 21, Zip-Up Denim Vest - Vintage, Olive Green Faux Leather Jacket - Forever 21,
Oversized Pullover - Nation, Basket-Weave Shoes - H&M

There are certain undisputable elements of pop-culture that were lost on me.
  • Example A: Upon until my early twenties, I thought it was universally understood that Ringo was the best Beatle.
  • Example B: Up until this past Sunday, I thought it was universally understood that Velma was the hot one and that Daphne was just bizarre excess baggage, like that movie with Alicia Silverstone in the 90s.
Anyway, power to the smart nerdy girls, amiright?

Today's post is simple, so I leave you with a badass quote from the badass Anjelica Houston:

Fashion is one of the great reliefs. It's like alcohol - we need fashion in the same way...
[The fashion industry] is about power but not forced macho power, and it is about the imagination and fantasy yet a weird honesty at the same time.
It is infinitely more honest than art.
- Anjelica Houston, LOVE Spring/Summer 2009


  1. haha you're writing's quite hillarious!
    love your sense of style,and oh yea the quote's pretty awesome too.

  2. i love the popping color of your shoes! they're amazing.

  3. hahah I'm not the only one who's lost sometimes... I didn't know who is Usain Bolt :D


    ps. love your outfit!

  4. Power to the smart nerdy girls
    this is a fab post and your writing is pretty cool

  5. i absolutely love those velvet pants and the seafoam green sandals.

  6. wow, i really love your style!

  7. Your Look is PERFECT ! I love it .