17 - 1950's Biker Dude's Girlfriend is a Boring Secretary

Lacework Motorcycle Jacket - Catherine Malandrino, Skirt - Forever 21 (DIY knotting), Loop Scarf - Forever 21, Shoes - Steve Madden,
Knit Blouse - Jealous Tomato, Purse - Target

A few notes about the look: I knotted this skirt myself by cutting a six-inch slit up about 3/4 in from front center, then tying the little loose ends together. My hair looks two-toned because I dyed my roots strawberry blonde. You can see my dog sticking out behind me in one shot -- she climbed through an improbably small hole and then became stuck in someone's front yard area where we could not get to her. This look is pretty 1950s, like a secretary who met a cute boy from the wrong side of the tracks and he's picking her up on his motorcycle after work.

Moving on...a little while ago I mentioned that I occasionally do silly little drawings. These drawings are always of girls, from the shoulders up, and they usually look almost identical. It's not too exciting, but here's a little sample:

Here are some pencil drawings from my sketchbook, which are sans color (including the above drawings without any color):

I just wish I could send my little doodles off to someone to color for me. They are so dreadful and vacant. Pretty vacant. Like the Sex Pistols, only slightly less contrived.


  1. Love the skirt, shoes, and your hair!. and you have great drawing talent


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  3. Your drawings are fantastic! Will you draw something for my next poster?

  4. wow...love your drawings...
    love the hair...the knot the cowl....just the whole picture of the outfit....with the theme et al..!!!!

  5. I really love your outfit & the DIY knotted skirt. That is a look I have never seen before & its definitely cool :)


  6. Youre hair is awesome. I wish I could pull of something like that! Also, your outfits are great. And you're so talented at drawing.