19 - Laundry Day + Reflections + Reader Round-Up + Happy One-Month Anniversary

In case you were wondering what grungy gypsy girls wear on days when all of their laundry is in the hamper, this is it. I accented this outfit with these amazing earrings, which I got at a costume shop yesterday for $5. I like these earrings so much that I even drew a little doodle of them.
Yesterday marked the one-month anniversary of my blog! Woohoo! In one month, I have had over 3,000 views (which may not actually be that many, but is a lot more than I thought I would get), and I was featured on the Forever 21 blog, The Skinny.

As you probably know, I have an adult real-people job with Konstantino, and I started this blog as a hobby. I have always been a bit of a blog addict. There are two schools of thought when it comes to fashion design. One school suggests that fashion is born in the minds of well-known designers, and once it hits the runway, it trickles down into affordable variations for the street (like if Ronald Reagan and Anna Wintour had a love child). The second school suggests that fashion is born in the street, and designers are influenced by the off-beat trendsetters that ironically enough do not follow mainstream fashion at all. I have always thought of it as a combination of these elements. There is a give-and-take to the art of dressing, and I have always thought that blogging is the ultimate way to communicate ideas and inspire delight. In addition, it is a vehicle for giving every person in the street a public platform to express their own unique vantage point. It is wonderful to be a part of cultural dialogue regarding the ways in which people choose to express themselves visually.

Fashion is the only form of art in which every person is obligated to participate on a daily basis. Now, that said, all art is a privilege. It is important to remember that it is a luxury to have the time and freedom to focus on developing your own personal aesthetic as a tool of self-expression. Each moment we have free to put on silly hats and wear our grandmother's skirts is a moment that we do not have to worry about the myriad of problems that plague much of the world. However, there will always be such poetic beauty in the fact that every day, you have the opportunity to turn every person with whom you interact into your audience. I am grateful for the chance to delight in aesthetic culture, and am grateful for anyone who chooses to join me on the ride!

I want to start to do regular reader round-ups. These will be posts in which I call out some cool things I see from the bloggers who leave me comments, because seriously y'all, you're doing some really cool stuff.

Here is my very first reader round-up:

I think that her subtitle says it all: "Because naked people have no influence in society."

In case you have been living under a rock, this is Brit. Another native Fresnan, she is that rare kind of magic that happens when girls who look like models instead decide to go to fashion school. She has been immensely sweet and supportive of my blog, and she might be perfect.

3. Lightning Factory

This is my impression of the girl from LightningFactory: "Hi, I'm totally hot and I'm doing a Pixie Market giveaway right now on my blog." Seriously, she is both totally hot and, really, doing a Pixie Market giveaway on her blog. She's like a mythical unicorn -- too good to be true. Go look.

Ashleigh wins at life for having the best blog name ever. Her blog could just be non-stop pictures of cactuses in Christmas sweaters and I would still look at it, just because the name is so good.

Fun fact: Nadia is a medical student and also has the most beautiful hair in the world.

Sometimes when I'm in front of the camera, one eye will do this like half-closed semi-BP kind of thing, and one arm will somehow look gimpy compared to the other, and maybe also one of my legs will look like it doesn't have a knee and I am part jellyfish. Honestly, out of every 500 pictures taken, I look like an actual human being in maybe one or two. I don't think that The Style Voyager ever has these problems. Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous girl in gorgeous clothing. What more could you ask for from a fashion blogger?

It's rare to see a girl and think that she is absolutely adorable, but also that she looks like she could do some real damage in a bar fight. I definitely mean that as a compliment. Check out her blog, for she is rad-sauce.

And that's all she wrote! Happy one-month!


  1. wow..happy one-month anniversary...i really adore your blog...its always a great read!!!
    p.s-love your earrings..!!!

  2. I like this reader round-up idea. I might do something like this on my blog...
    I love Disarming Darling! I've been following her for a couple months now. She's one of my top favorite bloggers.
    There's a couple here that I never heard of before. I'll have to go check them out!

  3. Found your blog just now, really cool!
    Love the grungy gypsy girl look


  4. I'm so glad I found your blog because you always make me laugh! I also covet all of your clothing and jewelry. You caught me off guard with this because I just assumed you had been doing this for ages, your page looks so pro already! Congrats, Madeline! Looking forward to many more months. Kristen

  5. i JUST saw this. cheesy grin ensued directly after. you are the fucking sweetest.

  6. I've been stalking your style on chictopia but am only just NOW finding out that you have your own blog via the great post brit did on you. & I ashamedly have to admit that I've def done some damage in bar fights once or twice or every time I go out. haahaha. anyway, YOU my friend are the one who is rad sauce. ;)


  7. Just got put onto your blog by another style blog that I read , Disarming Darling! Love your blog thus far - keep the stylish dopeness coming :)!

  8. your styling is completely edgy and electric and your haircut uber cool

    This is such a great idea...and thank you for the ompliment and having me on your list. I love Disarming Darling too.
    your blog is going to be pretty spectacular if it is this amazing after one short month

  9. I just saw this post now, thanks so much for featuring me! I hope you love HP Lovecraft sci-fi/horror stories as much as I do haha

    your blog is hilarious and you have great style, now following :)

  10. just found your blog via disarming darling! wow, i love it :) and i love this look... great finding ya xoxo

  11. In one month you have acomplished really good stuff, congratulations!good blog selections (i use to follow nadia), but now i found your blog amazing too!!

  12. Haha, just saw it today :P Thank you for putting me on your blog!
    Just want to let you know that you're on my blogroll!

    Have a nice day.