23- Quinn Meets Daria

Nude Lace Dress - DIY Handmade (Can't you tell? It's falling apart), Furry Purse - Vintage, Brown Belt - J. Crew, Boots - Sam Edelman, Jewelry - Konstantino and Flea Market

Although I always wanted to be a Jane, I've always thought of myself as a combination of Quinn and Daria. When Quinn went through her "deep" phase, I thought that really pegged me. 

Quinn, looking in a mirror: "Do these blacks match?"
Daria: "They match my mood."

Listen guys, I hope you haven't already made plans for Halloween this year, because I just decided that we're all going to dress up as the cast of Daria. I call dibs on Jane.

In other news, as long as the runway images keep rolling in on Style.com, I'll keep opening my big mouth to blab about 'em. Here are some goodies for your viewing pleasure, complete with my inane ramblings:

I'm probably the only girl my age in the world who has always been thoroughly ambivalent to Alexander Wang. Everyone around me goes into panic mode over his collections and I'm chewing on licorice like, "Yeah, that's cool, I guess." I know it's crazy -- the man should be my own personal fashion super-hero and all, what with his grungy-furry morning-after-the-tourbus-in-1997 aesthetic, but I just can't get stoked on it. It probably stems from my innate issues with authority. Don't tell me what to like, fashion world! I hate it when I have to clean my room. Katie's mom lets her stay out until two a.m.! Petulant teenage issues like that. So, anyway, these were some highlights from the collection. You know...it's cool, I guess.

This collection makes me feel like I went over to Band of Outsiders' designer Scott Sternberg's house and he was like "Hey Madeline, we should totally go snowboarding" and I was like, "I dunno Scott Sternberg...isn't snowboarding a little...douchey?" and he was like, "No way Madeline, you're gonna love it!" and then we drove his vintage Fiat up to the mountains and rented snowboards and totally flew down mountains all day and I only hit a tree like once and then afterwards we ended up sitting in the log-cabin ski resort lounge drinking hot chocolate and I was like, "Oh man, Scott Sternberg, this was the coolest day of my life!" and then we high-fived and made plans to do it again next week.

Okay, full disclosure: I have a sick obsession with the Ronson kids. The first time I saw tabloid pictures of LiLo out with Samantha Ronson, I was like "Sweet! Pete Doherty turn into a cute girl!" And then there's Mark Ronson, for whom the word "dreamboat" was surely invented. And that brings us to CharRon, who just might be a genius. If I had to sum up this collection, it would be that song 1979 by Smashing Pumpkins. I want to go to there.

Out of everything I've seen so far for Fall '11, Suno wins. Hard. Layers of vintage-esque prints + Bride of Frankenstein hair? Yesplease (said fast like that, as though it were just one word).

Girl is killing it! Kimberly Ovitz's new collection looks like we were all sent here from Mars in the future, but on the way, the spaceship flew into some asteroids and messed up everyone's hair in the best way possible. Hey, see those little ankle-band-things in the center ensemble? My guess is that they were totally inspired by this guy. Love it.

It's like what would happen if Jessica Rabbit started listening to The Melvins.

Never before in my life have I cared about swimwear or lingerie. However, this collection from The Lake & Stars is so mega-rad that I'm already contemplating how I can get away with wearing these high-waisted underwear as though they were appropriate daytime bottoms. 
Just when you thought it couldn't get any better? Check out some of these pages from their Spring/Summer 11 lookbook:



  1. I love your blog, the lace dress is amazing, and that bag (!!!) is great. Alexander Wang used to be one of my favorites but his past two collections have not resonated with me at all. The fur sunglasses in this one were something out of a nightmare.

  2. that lookbook is pretty awesome. and loving the Suno prints. however, YES, DARIA! I bought the entire collection of seasons and the movie on dvd and that's my television these days..

    la-la-la-la-la. I always wanted to dress up as Daria for Halloween and now, my hair is the perfect color and cut for it! I'm really good at doing the voice of one of Quinn's friends, the one that talks super slow and weird.

    Jane is awesome though. You be Jane.

  3. Kelly, you would be the perfect Daria!

  4. sooo lady gagaish but better. Love the boots


  5. I am veryyy honored to notice my blog (Fashion Litter) on your blogroll- you have great style and basically seem cool as shit. Oh, and great writing!

  6. i couldn't agree with you more about lauren ezersky, madeline. btw great style! i'll be following...

  7. EEEPS! Loving this shade of lipstick. I really have been looking every where for it, tell me please what color it is!

  8. Love the boots!

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