24 - New Skirt, Old Tricks.

Cardigan - Vintage, Skirt - Flea Market, Hat - Vintage, Belt - Vintage, Shoes - Sam Edelman, Jewelry - Flea Market

My sweaters usually end up mis-buttoned anyway, so I've just started doing it deliberately. I guess it would be the equivalent of falling down flat on your face, on purpose, on a first date. Then you've got all of the embarrassing stuff out of the way; it's all uphill from there, my friends. I really believe in putting your worst face forward for all first impressions so that people are pleasantly surprised later. 

"Why, look at that -- she's literate!" 
"Well waddayaknow, she brushed her teeth today!" 
"Good golly, she's been in the room a full twenty minutes and hasn't thrown anything at anyone!"

That's right folks, I'm a real charmer. That's why I dress to impress.

I got this skirt at the flea market yesterday. I was there with the absolutely wonderful Brit of Disarming Darling notoriety. She's all tall and hot and model-y and I come up to about her knee, like an awkward child tagging along. Also there was my good friend Ceilidh, who is probably the most adorable person on the planet. Look, I even took a picture of how adorable she is:
This is my impression of Ceilidh, "I'm cute and stuff, blah, blah, blah."

I swear, I had really planned on talking about something socially relevant, but then I started watching The Ugly Truth with Katherine Heigl and just entered that strange haze that comes only with watching really bad movies. Watching it severely altered my judgement of what is acceptable in life, so when I went to Style.com to check out runway reports, I was just at a total loss. Everything was looking good to me. At one point, I found myself looking at the Victoria Beckham collection and thinking, "Maybe ALL of the former Spice Girls should start a clothing line."

It might just be the Heigl talking, but I think the Spice Girls are my new (again) fashion icons of the moment:

No? Too soon?


  1. Your rings are amazing! I especially like the leather one and the connector one, and the one with the black and the indian one...k basically all of them i guess(run on or what?).
    I would most likely feel like dwarf hanging out with brit as well.
    & I can totally see the spice girls' style coming back considering i never got over them in the first place.

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  3. !!!!
    this made me laugh so hard. if only you knew how awkward it felt to be three heads taller than most people! ohhh the grass is always greener...

    see you sometime this week! <3

  4. is that a leather ring.... looks awesome!!


  5. <3 There was a point I knew every single word to the Spice Girls movie. I vote yes! for channeling their funky style.

  6. Darling your my hero. Your style is beyond perfection you make maxi skirts and oversized sweater poncho type things look soo amazing together. Geez love I feel like I need to ditch class and go thrifting now. Great blog.