25 - I'm-a call all y'all Madame Clio, okay?

Leather Jacket - Catherine Malandrino, Sweater - Vintage, Cut-Offs - Vintage, Shoes - Sam Edelman, Socks - J. Crew, Jewelry - Konstantino & Flea Market

So, I haven't updated in days and on the day when I wake up prepared to do just that, I look out of my 7th-floor windows and see that the Los Angeles downtown skyline is obscured by sheets of rain. Rain! In Los Angeles! The Dude does not abide. 

So, in short, this is my "ah, screw it; it's raining" outfit. 

I am allowing myself to purchase one pair of shoes that exceed my standard $30-per-item allotment. I've narrowed it down to three Jeffrey Campbell options.

1. The Lita - $162 at NastyGal

Here is my issue with the Lita -- everyone and their mother has these shoes. I love these shoes, but how long will I continue to love these shoes? They are so easily recognizable that they've become a trend. I know that the second I buy them, I am going to be over Lita-fever and sick of seeing them everywhere, and then I will have wasted $200.

2. The Bizarre Gypsy Platform Clog - $155 at NastyGal

I am not a real girl, only a strange approximation of one. I do not keep nice things nice. One look at the velvety goodness on these babies and I'm already thinking about the many mud-sludges through which I will accidentally traipse. But, oh! Aren't they glorious in their absolute ridiculousness?

3.  The Two-Timer - $165 at Envi Shoes

And here we have a pair of good lil' boots, but they are wedges, and am I painfully over wedges by now?

So, dear readers, I NEED YOUR HELP. Please pick out my next shoes for me, because I am overwhelmed by my first-world problems and at a complete loss. Also accepted: "none-of-the-above" options coming in at $200 or less.

Don't let me down. You are Madame Clio and I am seeking your advice, yo.


  1. hard choice... i say the litas or the clogs... the third are just too practical (?) haha.... i have the litas and they are truly some of the most comfortable platforms i have and they can't be taken out in the mud :) but the clogs are truly devine as well! can't wait to see which you pick :)

  2. All beautiful shoes! I say litas... my fav! m.

  3. i vote the Gypsy Platform Clog. i love the lita, but really EVERYONE and their mother and stepmother and their lunch lady has them. ok maybe thats extreme. but seriously. And with looking at the shoes your wearing in these photos the wedge somewhat is similar. I love the maroon color of the clog I think they'd be nice to complement your wardrobe.

    wolves and sparklers

  4. Love your hair, and shoes in this picture

  5. I would pick the gypsy ones, maybe because i allready have the Litas and two toner wedges.

    I am so happy i found your blog. Such an inspiring style!

  6. i have the Jeffrey Campbell Charli clogs, and they're fine at first but they are hard to walk in and very uncomfortable after awhile. I almost fell off an escalator in them. So, I wouldn't get the gypsy clogs because if they're at all like the Charli clogs, they are a bit cumbersome. I like the two timer wedges the best. I think you would probably get the most wear out of them, and I like the blue wedge.

  7. I vote wedges! The clogs are beyond amazing, but not practical as shoes to be worn outside. Which I am guessing is important to you.

  8. i love your outfit, those shoes are amazing! i agree about the litas too, i love em but everybody has them! i would go with the wedges, they are much more unique and edgy :)
    btw you have an amazing blog! im following now :)

    Fashion Bag 411

  9. I have been looking at all three for a while now too. Here is my issue: I see a shoe and fall madly in love. I save up for months and months and by the time I have enough money it is sold out in my size. For some reason 6 is always sold out first, its like the token cute girl size or something. I still want the freaken edelmans for goodnes sakes!

    I would skip the litas. I was sick of seeing them the first time i saw them, but some girls really look good in them. some just look like they spend too much time on the internet and have too much money to burn. If it were me, i would most likely wear them twice and wonder why the fuck i bothered.

    The second pair are absolutely beyond amazing. the color is so rich and they look so soft. i just want to rub them on my face. I love the shape of them, kind of like the litas but more sophisticated in a way, and i haven't seen every single girlwithablog wearing them. I have hope that I would be careful enough to take care of them but then again.......

    The third are also very cute and chunky and tall, everything i love in a wedge. But there are also dozens of similar pairs out there.

    I would choose the second ones, based on all of the above and the price isn't as bad. I'm having a similar shoe battle decision raging in my head. Hope you are happy with your choice when you decide!!

  10. WOW that was a ridiculously long comment. sorry. haha.

  11. Hmmm...I'm going to to with the Gypsy platform clog, hands down! They're different, no one has them and they actually might hold up to any mud-sludges you find yourself traipsing through :) Love your blog and style, come check mine out and maybe we can follow each other?


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  13. gosh that first pair of shoes are just so fierce...

  14. well i do think that the gypsy platforms...are real neat...and you probably want it real bad...seeing your words. so you should totally go for it..!!!