27 - David Bowie face with an Oakland booty

Suede-Panel Sweater - H&M, Leatherette Leggings - GET, Shoes - H&M, Vest - Vintage, Jewelry - Konstantino & Flea Market

In my real non-internet life, the general consensus is that I look like David Bowie. I mean, David Bowie is rad and all, but as a lady (and believe me, I am a lady in every sense of the word *curtseys*), it's not exactly what I'd like to hear. I'd much prefer that someone tell me I look like Shannyn Sossamon or something. A girl can dream!

Well that covers Part 1 of 2 from this post's title. Now for the Oakland booty: I literally split these legging in two today pulling them on. No lie -- the whole back seam just came right open, as though I were a nerdy cartoon character humiliating myself on the first day of junior high school. I left the leggings split open for a while (in true Liz Lemon fashion), until I finished eating my Pocky, after which I hand-stitching them right back up. So, this title is my homage to Sir Mix-A-Lot's infamous callout for a girl with an "LA Face and an Oakland Booty", but Madeline-ified.

In other news, a reader asked me about a particular shade of lipstick I was wearing in a post. All of my lipsticks are Revlon. I used to be a diehard Sephora loyalist, but these Revlon lipsticks totally blow my mind and they are uber-affordable. The matt ones are the best. Shades I wear (from lighted to darkest) are: Strawberry Suede, Kiss Me Coral, Fabulous Fig, Wine Not, and Black Cherry. Geez, how rad would that job be -- to name lipsticks? DREAM JOB ALERT. I would name them things like "Plum-meting to the Ground with a Faulty Parachute", "Get Red-y", or "Pink-y Toes Get Severed First When You Are Kidnapped for Ransom". I really see a future in this for me. At any rate, the Revlon lipsticks are awesome and I highly recommend them.

I think it's about time for another Reader Round-Up. Here are some cool things y'all got going on with your blogs:

1. Isis from Novella-Vintage posted this awesome picture of herself:

2. Kirstie from Eccentric without Reason did a great post on Lindsay Thornburg's Cloaks line using Pendleton Wool:

3. Izumihiiiflower posted some amazing photos from an amazing magazine editorial, but I am painfully American and have no clue what the shoot was about because I am, sadly, mono-lingual.

4. Taylor from Things on Hangers confused me because I couldn't tell if this picture was of her or of a supermodel with whom I ought to have been familiar. It's her. Way to be really, really ridiculously good-looking, Taylor.

5. Liana from Fashion Bag 411 posted this really cool photo of herself:

Furthermore, this week I fell in love with Ms. Margaret Shaw of Fashionlitter. She is PERFECT.

And, additionally, I am lusting after this netted dress in the Crystallized Vintage eBay store
Buy it for me! KTHNXBYE.


  1. Great post, love it!!!

  2. You are so awesome!! LOVED reading this :) and I can't say anything about the outfit except for: GORGEOUS style!! Every day!! (I envy your style ;))

    Love the piece where you write about readers!! Might be a good idea for me to do some day... great blog!! (I hope you'll be this months style icon!!)

  3. I'm fan of your blog now
    I'm deaddddddd
    your hair
    your clothes
    your photos :O
    believe me I'm gonna visist this a lot

  4. OMFG
    i fucking fallen in love with your blog!



  5. I'm thinking if a nail polish or lipstick company doesn't pick you up as their name-thinker-upper asap then they're cray cray. xx


  6. you look amazing


  7. Aww, thank you so much for including me in this, I love your blog and I also love Margaret and now I have to go check out the girl with the Pendleton cloak.

  8. I love your punk style, so awesome!

  9. wow thanks for all the love! I love you, and I also love Taylor and there's just so much internet love I can't even stand it.

  10. woot woot to the revlon lipstick. i have never found better and just keep collecting shades...cherries in the snow is my personal fave and it has the staying power of a tattoo

  11. aww, thank you so much for the incredible compliment. crazy scrolling down and seeing me.
    your lipstick names made me laugh. sometimes i go to the makeup section just to read the random ass names. nail polish is usually pretty interesting, the rest always seem to disappoint. they should hire you.