26 - Mr. Magoo, you are SUCH a lady-killer.

It's time for some real talk y'all. I think I've been looking at way too much Advanced Style or something because I'm a channeling a super-tacky Mr. Magoo in a major way. I feel like this is how Mr. Magoo would look if he got all fancy-like... and then also decided that he needed to DIY a faux fur pelt with gold chain armholes. Yeah, I'm that gaudy and tasteless.

Okay, four things to discuss today everyone.

#1: These are most certainly my prescription eye glasses. I kid you not. I wear contact lenses most of the time, and just wear glasses one day per month to let my eyes rest. I figured that for one day out of every month, I should be as ridiculous as possible.
#2: I am getting the gypsy clogs! They're like if red velvet cake were a shoe. You should all be very excited, since you helped me choose them.
#3: Yes, my hair looks crazy today. I know a lot of you are under the impression that I have Twiggy hair or something. I WISH. I actually have hair like that mom from The Brady Bunch. Now it is time for the tale of The Hair Affair or Let's Call the Whole Thing Off.

Once upon a time, I had long luscious hair. See Exhibit A:
Exhibit A: Look at all that hair!
And then, I ended up really broke! I know, it's a total soap opera. So, the Creative Director of Bumble & Bumble offered to pay me the equivalent of a buh-jillion dollars in Madeline-land to do a stop-motion video of him chopping my waist-length locks off into a Rosemary's Baby-esque coif. That brings us to Example B:

Example B: That time I was a 12-year old boy.

Das right -- paid mah rent! So, my hair was all gone and I felt like less of a lady, and now I have been awkwardly growing it out ever since. And that's where the saga presently ends, with my hair in low ponytails, hidden behind my neck, like some sort of "fake-out" cute maneuver. 

#4: We need to talk about Ann He. She is an amazing photographer. Ch-ch-ch-check it out:

So yeah, her pictures are great, but you know what makes them even more great? The fact that Ann He is 15-years old. IKNOWRIGHT? Oh man, the things I wish I had done at age 15. Girl is real good. 

Just a little bit of...
a) inspiration (should you be a totally awesome teenager -- go make things now!) 
or a little bit of...
b) kick-yourself material (should you be in your twenties or thirties and feeling like you've done nothing with your life).

Alright, alright. Go have a weekend!


  1. WHAT?!?!!?
    She is only 15! Makes me wonder what the hell i was wasting my time doing at 15. oh yeah, jack shit(high school). Ga! and I call myself a photographer. makes me look like a total joke. anyway, i love that your glasses are prescription. and your crazy hair actually looks really good!

  2. love your glasses!!! you look great!!!!
    xoxo, K.

  3. Totally great! I agree with my K. up :) M.

  4. How stoked was I to find Madeleine on Lookbook.nu tonight. PRETTY STOKED. I've been high and dry on the P-ton since my fb has gone away.

  5. I am all about this Magoo look! Your prescription glasses are really cool and I love this burnt orange color on you. Your jewelry is to die for, everything fromt he earrings to the layered bracelets and rings. I want this whole outfit on my body!
    Following you
    follow me back?

  6. oh my god, COULD you possibly be ANY cuter? those are the best prescription glasses, ever. you should definitely wear them all the time.

  7. your blog came up in my google haircut search, glad i found your blog!

  8. Just to let you know this look doesn't show up on your 'Looks' collection page! D=