28 - Americentric Perception of Parisian Grunge Gypsies

Straw Hat - H&M, Sweater - H&M, Pleated Skirt - Vintage from Goodwill, Bag - Vintage Army Surplus, Jewelry - Mostly Konstantino, Belt - Vintage Children's Belt

I think the title on this pretty much says it all. I put on this outfit today and thought, "My, how French I look!" I then realized that I've never been to France and, furthermore, I'm quite sure nobody in France dresses like this. I might as well have added a baguette and just been every cultural cliche. I wonder what someone would have to wear to look in the mirror and think, "My, how American I look!" It would probably be a bubblegum pink velour tracksuit with "Angel" written on the butt in cursive or something. 

On another note, Jezebel did a post recently on NYFW highlights. Now, I find Jezebel to be extremely hit or miss. For example, they have a tendency to say a lot of things about the fashion industry which are unsubstantiated , and we all know that I am a mega-apologist for the industry. Also, they can be a touch reactionary at times, and I tend not to relate to sensationalism when it comes to social or political issues. However, this post was quite good! The below photos were taken from the Jezebel website here, and it looks like most of them are from Getty Images. 

I have a particular soft spot in my heart for the poodles from the Isaac Mizrahi show. I live in Koreatown in Los Angeles, and there are lots of little shops here that do custom dye jobs to turn dogs neon colors. It looks to be one part torture and two parts fantastic. I tried to convince my dog Mo that she should really get a makeover, but she just stared blankly then burped and fell asleep. She's more Darlene than Becky, if you know what I mean.

Also worth noting from this Jezebel post is the model line-up at the L.A.M.B. show. Jezebel blogger Jenna Sauers points out: "Gwen Stefani gave 16 out of her L.A.M.B. show's 48 looks to black models. Another eight Asian models were cast. I didn't see a single other show this fashion week with that kind of diversity." Good job, Gwen Stefani! You know, you were my favorite fashion icon when I was in 6th grade, and I think I still have a cropped wife-beater somewhere to prove it.


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  2. What's better than a dyed dog? A dog dyed to have Louis Vuitton patterns on it!

    Oh Ko-ko-ko-korea, such amazing things you think of.

  3. cute outfit..! I like this lovely loing skirt and rings!:)

  4. I love it! I love the elbows on your vest! M.


  6. Gah, I loved Gwen when she put out that first No Doubt album. I was obsessed with her style. Jezebel can definitely be wack at times, I agree wholeheartedly about their tendency to be kind of sensationalist. Anyway, I want all your rings.

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  8. cute maxi dress and rings! have you picked any of them up from the fairfax flea market? looks wildly familiar.



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    love maxi dress. :)

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