29 - Kinda like hiking.

Hat - Vintage, Sweater - H&M, Shorts - DIY Cut-Off Armani, Belt - J. Crew, Rings - Fairfax Flea Market, Earrings - Konstantino, Boots - Forever 21

I was really hoping that this wouldn't be another summer of the cut-off, but I've already found myself planning every outfit around 'em. What's up guys -- I'm totally lazy. I do appreciate the fact that being white trash is now somehow fashionable; it makes life a lot easier for me.

In keeping with my lazy disposition today, I'm just going to post some items on my interwebz wish-list; perhaps you, too, have some dollars to burn?

Bleach Black body suit, $39 at Pixie Market (cut-off obsession alert: I want to wear this with belted destroyed denim shorts and bright red lipstick)

And, just in case you haven't yet seen it, the ManiaMania video starring Abbey Lee Kershaw is up here


  1. -bleached body suit + destroyed cut offs + red lipstick = HOT. I love it when one item of clothing inspires an entire outfit.
    Enjoying your blog immensely

  2. aha...love your bundle of jewellery....and those earrings are just fab...
    btw really admiring the velvet body suit and the beach body suit...on your list!!

  3. Totally diggin this whole outfit but I think you choice of lip color really ties it all together. <3

  4. Love your rings. Great look <3

  5. oh i really love this outfit- especially the sweater, and this whole leather socks thing is kind of blowing my mind in a good way.

  6. It's amazing how many jewelry you're wearing at the same time and they all look so nice! Love the vintage sweater too :)

  7. Oh it's H&M, gonna read more carefully next time : P

  8. Your jewelry is absolutely beautiful! And I love those leggings ;)

  9. awesome blog... great photographs my favs are the braided hair designs.. luv that
    keep up the awesome job
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