32 - Adventure!

Everything is vintage, except for the cape/poncho, which is Dolce Vita, and the headband, which is DIY.

It was raining again yesterday and my dog refused to go more than three feet away from the front door, so I followed suit, blaming my own laziness on her fear of water. I have actually been extremely lazy for the past three days or so. Do you ever feel like you work so much that when you're done working, you just want to sit in a chair and stare at a wall for a while? That way, when people ask what you are doing, you can honestly answer "Nothing."

This shirt is a men's pajama shirt I got at a thrift store. I like to put the bottom buttonhole onto the second or so button, so that it creates an odd little cowl/fold. I think that is outfit makes me look like an ill-prepared adventurer, an idea in which I take delight. I threw on the poncho because I think my leather jackets are starting to permanently bond to my body. I need to break away from my comfort zone.


  1. gorgeous look! the cape/poncho is savage! :)


  2. I need me that poncho. I may make a special trip to LA just so I can bust into both you & brit's closets & steal all you ladies pretty clothes. x

  3. haha, my dog ran back inside and shut up after seeing the rain! little wuss. love that shirt, would have never know it was a pajama top.

  4. I have come to the conclusion that you are Luna Lovegood if she grew up all grunge/punk in the 90s, ya know...not a witch at Hogwarts... you have the coolest style i have seen in a long time!