33 - America: 1969 through 1999

Crop Top - Vintage from Yoshi Now!, DIY Hacked Skirt - Vintage from Thrift Store, Belt - Vintage (gift), Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell, Bag - Army Surplus Store, Mess o' Jewelry - Konstantino & Fairfax Flea Market

Oh, I'm sorry, were you looking at my shoes? Because I was, just now, while writing. There they are, on mah feets, doin' their thing, being awesome-sauce. I even found a vintage belt in my closet that is the exact same color. You can't tell in the pictures, but the belt is like a 1970s gypsy concoction: twisted burgundy rope with a gold clasp. It is a match made in a tacky phenomenal velvet disco dream -- aka, my version of heaven. I'm much like George Costanza in that I want to be constantly draped in velvet.

Obviously, this outfit encompasses every genre of Americana from the '60s through the '90s. The '60s would the be the military bag and platforms. The '70s would be the shoes and some of the rings. The '80s would be the skirt and the skateboard earring. The '90s would be the crop-top and the skeleton earring. I think that the end result makes me look like the missing cast member/employee in Empire Records.

In other news, I received an email today from Meg, one half of the sister duo behind the clothing line Delikate Rayne (the other sister is Komie -- radsauce name). They have a new collection out and Meg thought we all might appreciate it. They have a really great philosophy behind their work: 

"Style isn't worn, it is embodied, A garment is only fashion-forward when the right girl makes it her own. The only woman you can be is yourself."

Isn't that nifty? I like that quite a bit. Anywho, I have immense respect for anyone out there actually running their own line and making things happen. As a former small-business-owner, I can tell you that it is a ton of hard work. Delikate Rayne's styles seem to focus a lot on asymmetry and things that can be worn multiple ways. I thought this multi-wear top was really awesome:

Cool, right? It can be worn as a tank tunic, dress, or two-tier crop-top. This bad boy retails for $70 and will be available for purchase on the Delikate Rayne webshop shortly...in the meantime, you could probably email them to inquire about a purchase here!


  1. Yoshi now....I didn't know you were from fresno! so am i. the shoes really are a dream.

  2. love the earrings


  3. This is so cool, I love it all! It's so disjointed but in a totally coordinated way.
    I'm following you now, love the way you write!
    M xo

  4. Beautiful details...great outfit...lovely pics and post!

  5. great outfit and amazing jewellery!