34 - Stepford Witch

Jacket - Catherine Malandrino, Pleated Skirt - Vintage, Lace Top - DIY, Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell, Purse - Vintage

Well, it looks like I will be wearing these shoes every day for the rest of my life. I think that this outfit looks like a 1950s housewife meets a witch, like what I wish that Samatha Stevens had worn on Bewitched.

Let's do an Oscar fashion recap, shall we?

A lot of beautiful people dressed up all fancy-like and they all looked amazing, each and every one of them, so screw you, worst-dressed lists. You are mean and nasty. Those are still people and they felt beautiful in those big ol' expensive dresses.

Okay, moving along: I am thrilled that my favorite place to buy shoes in San Francisco has opened a webshop. The store is called Villains and they have a well-curated shoe collection, as well as clothing in a wide range of price points. When I lived in San Francisco, I would stop in their Haight Street shop and buy up every pair of their house brand shoe, called Villains SF. My little gold gypsy flats are the Villains SF brand and I kick myself every day for not buying them in bulk, since they are falling apart now.

Anyhow, I highly recommend checking out their store. They've got the Gypsy Clog in black lace!


$35 (!)




  1. Bro, who takes all these pics?

  2. Are you going to comment on how awkward I look Danish? I am like the least photogenic person ever. It takes a billion pictures for these to come out okay. I look like a feral creature in all of the other ones...more of a feral creature anyway.

  3. Wow, that skirt is fantastic! I love the colour. And I love how you styled it away from being completely Stepford-ish! I'm in love with those clogs (I want the lace ones too!), and the leather jacket and wooly purse are awesome!
    ...I can't believe that printed dress is only $35.
    M xo

  4. love the outfit- very rocker boho-ish. and i wish people would stop giving celebs crap for what they wear to shows- at least they get to dress up all fancy 'n stuff. i love the JC shoes- i've been eyeing them myself...something different than the litas. and i'm def. checking out the store- i'm in love with that backpack :D

    Beneath the Glass

  5. This look is just waay tooo amazing!! keep the good work :)

  6. No I didn't mean that question as a critique, I'm just curious!

  7. I love your shoes their amazing


  8. want that skirt..soo..bad..and you look fantastic..!!!

  9. i used to live in SF and loved going into Villians. thanks for supporting my shopping addiction!