35 - Lydia Deetz & Palm Treez

Look at me, all doom and gloom. The shining sun and blue sky and palm trees make me MISERABLE.
It was actually so sunny that these pictures came out to bright in the shade. That's why the color is off on all of them.

Let's talk a little bit about John Galliano, shall we? He's so hot right now. You have to say that last part like you're Mugatu in Zoolander. John Galliano is on everyone's mind right now because he just got fired from Dior for being a raging anti-semite. In a really classy move, on February 25, Galliano was arrested for an anti-semetic assault on a couple dining at what seems to be his favorite cafe. Why do I think it's his favorite cafe? Because just yesterday, a video surfaced of Galliano at the same cafe, hurling disgusting remarks at some more people. The videotaped incident apparently happened just before Fall Fashion Week in Paris. Watch it here.

Hey John Galliano, here's a tip: try NOT getting trashed and proclaiming "I love Hitler" in the midst of a rambling tirade about how ugly people should be gassed. You are a major jerk.

The good news is that now I don't feel guilty for thinking that Galliano is a total d-bag and dresses like the missing cast member from Mystery's "The Pick-Up Artist". GROSS-TASTIC and a half.

Now I need to scrub my brain of all of the mental vomiting I've been doing for the past three or four days. The only thing that can make this right is a picture of Marc Bolan riding a tiger side-saddle.



  1. Oh wow, what an asshole. I hadn't heard about that, thanks for spreading the word! Marc Bolan riding a tiger side-saddle does help to deflect from the shittiness that is assholery though.
    Loving your outfit too, that hat is awesome! And I love the different textures of black!
    M xo

  2. Ah 'twas sad to see John like that. Completely horrible but i felt the he seemed somewhat scared by something..something that happened in the past. It was not just anger in his expression but bitterness. Too bad - even if you have talent, you need to have respect for humanity and its many facets.

    Either way, loving your accessories! xxoxo


  3. Jean, I love your style. If you don't mind I was put your look here on my recently post. You're so fierce.



  4. such a sad situation! i agree with samantha...must be something in his past. people who degrade others are insecure about something in their own lives. when they ridicule others...they take the focus off themselves. i think that is the same reason he has always been a fan of costumes...not happy with himself.
    your outfit is gorg!! luv that top!


  5. You look amazing -- gloom, doom and all. <3

    I've actually only been getting updates about the "Galliano issue" via The Sartorialist, because the thought of making the extra effort to read up on it was already too much. But, whatever, he just needs help.

    Did I mention you look amazing?

  6. oh wooow, love this! great great outfit. i love your crochet top and fox tail in your hair .xx

  7. I LOVE your outfit!! Great top, so chic!!

    And I agree with everything you are saying about Galliano :) I haven't heard a thing about it before (head in the clouds) but still: despicable!

  8. looove this outfit!

    <3 http://eccentricdaydream.blogspot.com/