36 - Androgynous Spy vs. Spy

Velvet Pants - Forever 21, Jacket - Who knows?, Boots - Vintage, Scarf - Nordstrom, Hat - Vintage, Prescription Glasses - Old Focals

Why have I been so gothy lately? This outfit totally reminds me of that Rancid song "Time Bomb". Black coat, black shoes, black hat...bring on the Cadillac, my friends. Seriously, it was fuh-reezing yesterday and I just piled on everything black that I owned and tried to look awkward and despondent all day. Evidence: me in a diner, in total "I-hate-my-mom/'My So-Called Life'" mode:

Ugh, I totally hate how this is the most awesome diner EVER. Hilarious, I know. Also, these, too, are prescription glasses. I'm a bit of a spectacle...addict. 

I feel like wearing all black is way too dull, especially when this exists in the world:

I need a lot more facepaint in my life! Can we all just make a pledge, right here, right now, to start to dress as insanely as possible? It starts tomorrow, people. 


  1. Can I just tell you how madly I am in love with you without sounding like a total creep?

    No? Oh well.

    You wear "goth" so smashingly anyway, so it's all good. Plus your glasses are ridonk. Want them SO. BAD. <3

  2. Wow, Wizzard was way ahead of their time with those mad stylez! I'm down for face-painting, my small town needs to be shaken up a bit, haha.
    When I was younger I wished I needed glasses. I have a feeling if I did, I'd have several pairs, hopefully one of them like these! Alas, I only need reading glasses. Pfft.
    M xo

  3. Love your outfit! Your blog is really great!!

  4. that skeleton earring is so sick! all it needs is some face paint, but maybe more Natasha Khan style.

  5. Wow, you look great here! I don't think many people can pull off a gothic/androgynous, but you can. Speaking of androgyny, the other day a small girl asked me 'are you a man?'. My response: 'no, are you a boy?'. Her mother looked like she might start on me so I cycled away quickly.

  6. Amazing post and you look great!

  7. love ur jewelry! I just moved to LA (u live here right?) anything I must not miss?

  8. oohh i've been searching for skeleton earrings like these once..no luck...

  9. dressing insanely every day?? I AM IN.
    check out my blog!

  10. "Black coat, WHITE shoes, black hat, Cadillac
    Yeah, the boy's a time bomb" ;)

  11. Have I seriously been getting it wrong for years on end?! I'm just going o smack myself in the forehead!