37 - Red Scare (AKA my eyeliner)

Everything is vintage, except for: a) the tur-beanie, which I made out of an old cardigan b) the belt, which is from J. Crew and c) the shoes, with which I am obsessed, as you are well-aware; they are from Jeffrey Campbell. All jewelry is Konstantino and the flea market.

I hope you all dressed crazy today, too, as per our pact. I didn't go full facepaint, but I did use burgundy lipliner as eyeliner, a look I've done once before on my second blog post ever. The vest is from eBay, the shirt is vintage Guess (if it's vintage, the years of obscene labor conditions aren't so directly disturbing I guess), the skirt is from the JetRag $1 Sunday sale, and the hat, which I have named the Turbeanie, is made out of an old sweater. I used the ribbed bottom as the part that goes around your head...or my head, I guess, since you aren't wearing it.

On my last post, Isis made a comment about facepaint a la Natasha Khan, also known as the genius hot lady behind Bat for Lashes. This, naturally, got me on a google spree which took me from Natasha Khan to that old super Wiccan photo shoot in French Vogue:

I remember that when the French Vogue occult editorial first came out (gosh, what that really years ago now?), Jezebel mocked it a bit. "Oh, you would," I found myself muttering at Jezebel under my breath. Personally, I found the editorial to be an exploration of alternative vantage points, an evocative story of distant eras, a dark statement of the validity of fear and ritual, inspiring a unique way to consider the world. One thing I take issue with is when people fail to recognize that fashion is an art like any other, capable of creativity, commentary, and critique. While apparel may be a product, at the end of the day, so is any form of art. Paintings, too, carry a price tag. There is nothing inherently evil about selling beautiful things to people who will admire them.

And, on a totally random note, here's a picture I doodled:
I named it "Tadaaaa Pyramid". I should have called it Jazz Sands.


  1. Love your outfit so much. Especially the shoes...

    <3 http://eccentricdaydream.blogspot.com/

  2. love that vest!


  3. Great outfit! I went through a phase of wearing red lipliner as eyeliner as a teenager, until my mum told me off. I'll have to try it again. Nice doodle too!

  4. thanks for the LA-tips!! and the eyeliner is awesome, bleeding eye Xx

  5. jazz sands!!! that made me giggle :-) i used to use lipliner as an eyeliner too then i thankfully found an awesome red eyeshadow (the lipliner was killing my eyes haha). i dig all your jewelry :-)

  6. Can I just start by saying that your blog entertains me more than any other blog in the known universe?
    Anyway, I love the eyeliner and am super stoked to finally see those shoes with a good outfit- I think I need them now.
    Oh and when I got married I had this idea where I really wanted to paint a sort of pastel rainbow on my face (which I had seen on Natasha Khan). However, that idea was nixed by my unbelievably terrifying wedding planner.
    Oh, and Jezebel mocks EVERYTHING. Hence my love/hate relationship with that website. Sometimes it's OK to be earnest.
    BTW- your comment on my blog about walking like you're being dragged was really amusing.

    Ok, longest comment ever. Sorryyyy.

  7. I love the maxi dresses that you have! On that note: HOW DO YOU HAVE SO MANY?! do you just have a closet full of cute pleated maxi dresses?! I think you will need to tell me where to score some


  8. I was talking with someone on Facebook recently about that editorial, and how much I love it. That Jezebel article came up and I remember being mildly annoyed. I was in LA the other weekend and wanted badly to go to the Fairfax flea market, but I couldn't be bothered to take out cash. Did you get your rings at that one, or another one? We have no flea markets in AZ and I'm kind of angry at myself for not going.

  9. Really dig the illustration!

  10. Wow. I love your entire outfit. Every piece looks so perfect together! I love it.


  11. Haha Jazz hands, love the drawing. I really dug that editorial too. Great outfit I think the red lip liner on your eyes is a nice touch.

  12. Red eyeliner looks so unusual!I adore your outfit!I’m recently obsessed with turbans!


  13. Bat for lashes...sheer genius

  14. love your outfit! I'm looking at buying those JC's are they easy to walk in?!