38 - You know those things you buy, but never actually wear? I wear 'em.

Shirt - Vintage JetRag $1 sale, Jacket - Catherine Malandrino, Hat - Forever 21, Super thick tights - Forever 21, Boots - Sam Edelman, Belt - J. Crew, Jewelry - mostly Konstantino

I picked up this shirt/vest thing at the $1 Jetrag sale last Sunday, when I picked up the skirt from Post 37.  I grabbed it off of the ground and thought, "Jeez, this thing is so cool. Too bad it's not really suitable for wearing." However, it being only $1 and all, I added it to the pile o' crazy. So, I brought it home and it sat in my dressing room -- that's right, my amazing 1940s apartment has a dressing room, commence jealousy -- for almost a week. Then today, I woke up and decided that it was the perfect day to wear an Aztec woven llama vest as a minidress. I tried to tone it down as much as possible and actually think I might have gone too far. It's just a touch safe and boring, don't you think?

Also, I think it is time for me to apologize for refusing to wear any other jacket. I hope everyone understands that this jacket is now entirely synthesized with my body's primary biological processes. Contact with it is integral to my continued existence.

Alright, real talk time: I am crazy bad in front of the camera. I just get super awkward and squirm around a lot. I probably blink more than any person on the planet. Most pictures end up with me looking like a propped-up corpse, Weekend at Bernie's style. I think that if I want to keep blogging, I had better get much more comfortable doing this. So, I have decided to practice being cute and girly and stuff. MacBooks are PERFECT for this. It's like they were designed so that you can look at yourself! I took about 3,000 pictures just now on my MacBook and found two in which I look like an actual girl. Ignore the grungy ensemble consisting of an oversized Pat Benetar shirt and ripped up $2 eBay jeans.


Exhibit A: Why hello there. I am a female. Do you attend this establishment in regular intervals? Perhaps you would like to purchase a refreshment of some kind, so that I might consume it. I will take a Surge -- it is a soda from the early 2000s. Try looking for it on eBay.

Exhibit B: I have no caption for this one. I really put all of my eggs in the Exhibit A basket in terms of funny photo captions. 

Being a girl is SO weird. 


  1. "I woke up and decided that it was the perfect day to wear an Aztec woven llama vest as a minidress."

    just because of that sentence, i'm convinced that you are indeed my soulmate.

    ...and the fact that you have a seafoam green couch. OH MY GOD. aforementioned photoshoot to be held in your apartment please?

  2. First of all, I love the Aztec minidress/top- too bad Dallas has terrible vintage shopping and that I am the laziest person in the world and therefore unable to operate an Ebay account.
    Oh, and you look adorable in those last two photos- I hate it when girls say this, because it always sounds phony, but you are so pretty!

  3. the vest is awesome. i always love the Aztec stuff, mainly because everything is hand woven by natives. I think you've maintained a perfect balance here.

    You're not alone on the super awkward camera thing. I would much rather be behind it.

    Also, can I have your couch?!?!

  4. I love your style. U are so pretty and unique :) M.

  5. haha..you look great in your macbook.photos...!!!is that a tattoo...?:)..and hullo...that vest is too cool for words...and thank god you got it for $1..super cool:D
    and iam in love with your shades:)

  6. I think your style is just awesome!! i´m in love with it, you are really beautiful :)

  7. That top is the most amazing thing ever..I wish i can find something that sick while thrift shopping. love the look

  8. SURGE!!! God, now I crave some kind of nasty soda like a Mountain Dew. Also, I really love those boots. I am having a difficult time finding black ankle boots. It's a pain. I think you did well with that vest as a dress.

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  10. This is beyond cool! I love everything about it! You really have amazing jewllery. You are brilliant! x

  11. bahaha I think the same thing about myself in all photos.. like how do some of these bitches go from fashion bloggers to profesh models? I normally hate 90% of the photos I take & always am told I look so unhappy. it's like "well ass, maybe if I was 5'10" & 100 lbs, I'd smile more". until then you get my awkward backyard photos.. DEAL. maybe you're onto something with this whole webcam practice. either way I likey.