42 - I kinda got dressed today...

Jacket - Vintage, Tank Top - Vintage, Hat - DIY, Shorts - SLOW, Shoes - H&M, Bag - Forever 21, Jewelry - Konstantino + Flea Market finds

Let's not talk about the fact that I basically wore my pajamas all day long. 

There have been so many good clutches in the blogosphere lately. I really want to like them, but part of me can't help but think that a clutch purse is the most anti-feminist thing imaginable.

"Here, you're not doing anything with your hands -- HOLD THIS." 

And then you just hold it. All day. Forget any two-handed activities you may have had in mind. No hands for you, babe. 

I don't know about you guys, but I use my hands pretty regularly. I mean, it takes two hands and then some to turn the potato chip bag into a little funnel and then gently tap it so that the chip crumbs fall perfectly into my mouth.

Should you have a day planned throughout which you do not anticipate needing two hands for anything (or perhaps you are a magician!), let these inspire you:


  1. I know what you mean. I own a couple of clutches and man are they a pain to lug around! But I kind of adore them too much so I still use 'em whenever I can. You just gotta make sure there's a very willing clutch-holder with you in case a two-handed activity comes up!

    You look awesome as always. <3

  2. lol i love your clutch reference to being anti-feminist. i've seriously been loving oversized clutches tho! altho they do require you to use both hands aaall day haha. i also love your outfit (as always!), and your accessories always make me want to go out and buy some more! :) PS. You're so pretty girl, and love your makeup! :)

    <3, Kathleen.

  3. awesome look ! i'm followin you :)

  4. I think I own two clutches, both of them totaling up to around $20 and it's something I refuse to spend significant money on for that exact reason- I need my hands.

    I love those shorts and I need more casual, can double as pajamas types of shorts.

  5. Love the bag and the turban! And that last pic is amazing! Bag is to die for! M.

  6. hi,
    been following you for a while. i love your style so much! can you please explain how did you create such amazing turban? I'm dying to know!
    Kisses from Poland,

  7. hah, i hear what your saying, but all these clutches popping up everywhere are cute!

  8. Great post!! I love what you are wearing AND I love your write-up!! CHIC !!!! I wish you were a Chictopia style icon!!!!! xxxxx

  9. I love your style!!!
    You are amazing! I follow you!
    Follow me if you like ♥

  10. Your outfit is simple but perfect ! Love your style !


  11. love your outfit.
    I'm not usually big on a lot of colour but the yellow clutch is lovely


  12. Damn yes! You're so right about clutches!!! I really really love seeing them on other women, but when I try to hold one, I drop it down too often and everyone laughs (me included :P)!! They are cute though (fucking antifeminist little shit)!

    Anyway, I kinda love your outfit, it's so casual and perfect at the same time! And you're doing this..how? LET ME SEE!!!!!! Perfect always, even wrapped up in plastic bags! Yeah, that's you... :) A, and your legs are gorgeous! Tell me, are you wearing tights or is it actually so hot to walk aroung bare legged? (better be the first, better be the first, somone is freezing over here! :P) Take care and keep inspiring us, you awesome creature! :D

  13. oh my god! love it


  14. bahaha yes! I love the way they look but come onnn how many people REALLY carry them on a regular basis? & it's like, asking to be lost forever if you take one out to a bar. I can barely keep my shoes from getting lost & they're attached let alone trying to not forget something you have to keep your paws on all night. oh yes. boo to you, clutch.

    p.s. LOL-ing on your chip point. SO TRUE.

  15. Digging on those rings and that turban. Looks great all together.

    Visit me :)
    Style Defined NYC

  16. i usually just tuck them under my arm. it depends on the day but sometimes they are just more convenient for me, like on the days i just go to work. but i do see why they are annoying. i suppose they aren't for everyone. i have a lot of them, but they were all under $5 or my mom's vintage old ones. what i can't fathom is spending designer money for one.
    loving your chill outfit with heels, and your legs are gorgeous.

  17. Totally agree about the clutch thing! Not only do you need your hands, but if you are going to carry a bag around all day, you want it to at least be able to hold something! Most clutches are small, and if they are big ones they just get in the way.

  18. lmao, seriously! I always have the same thoughts about clutches, no matter how cute they are. Even if I were to tuck it under my arm, it would be slipping out all the time and lost in less than a day. I am that scatterbrained.

  19. The Clever IdiotMay 4, 2011 at 1:49 PM

    I will only buy a clutch if it's one of those convertible ones with a secret tuck-in/fold-away handle =P