45 - Why, hello. I am a lady today. Also, here is a discount code.

Hair bow - Urban Outfitters, Jacket - Catherine Malandrino, Beaded Sheer Shirt - Secondhand from my great aunt, Shorts - Cutoff vintage Armani, Jewelry - Konstantino (nearly all of it today!), Shoes - Sam Edelman, Purse - Forever 21

I put my hair up in this awkward updo today with the intention of tying a scarf around it. However, when I reached into my scarf drawer, I accidentally pulled out this little buddy: a grey headband affixed with an oversized bow. This was an impulse buy from Urban Outfitters' online clearance section roughly three years ago, and I have not once worn it. I'm not traditionally much for bows and frills. However, I thought it was kind of funny paired with the leather jacket. I felt like a member of The Chiffons meets Sha Na Na or something. 

In other news -- AND THIS IS EXCITING -- the kind folks at Tobi are offering a discount for readers of my blog! You just enter GREIGE20 when you check out, and you get 20% off. Tobi is a great online store based out of San Francisco. I think one of my old college chums is actually a stylist there, now that it crosses my mind. At any rate, I have always loved Tobi, but thought that everything there would far exceed my $30 rule, since they have taste and I am cheap...ermmm, I mean, fiscally conscious. However, when I went browsing their website again, looking to take advantage of my own blogger code (because I am a classy lady, let me tell you), my brain started exploding from cool-stuff-at-affordable-prices overload. Seriously, I'm still recovering.

I really want a pair of biker shorts to wear under my cut-offs.

Uh, yeah, hi, I need this shirt in order to live.






With boots!!!




This is the perfect bra to wear under sheer shirts!


You'd have to belt this thing, but oh my gosh, wouldn't it be rad belted?


Is that Liz from Late Afternoon?!


I think I want to get the lace-up shirt, the pants, the grommet skirt, the bra, the biker shorts, and a pair of sunglasses. What do y'all think?


  1. Great look, reminds me of a neo-50s greaser. Love the hair!

  2. Yes to all your choices! And I'd go for the first pair of sunglasses. :p

    Also, I'm happy to find that my mind was not playing tricks on me. You really ARE wearing a bow on your head! I mean, wow. And you know what's really awesometastic? It looks good on you. :3

    Why, I do believe that is Liz! Like a really really weird, photoshopped version of her? Hmm. @.@

  3. LOL to your comments under these pics! Although it could be Liz... ok, kinda of...

    So, explain! How can you look gothic and fierce with a Minnie bow on your head? Is it a gift or something? :) I loooove it though! And I love your denim shorts too, I'm sure I couldn't fit in there, because you are so so skinny, but I ca still dream :) Anyway, there is no need to go on and on! You became my number 1 fahion blogger along with Chiara from The Blonde Salad! :D :D

    And you have GORGEOUS eyes!!!

  4. Get the grommet top! And also, the pants in the third to last photo. I love them. There was a Something Else shirt on Tobi that I was stalking for awhile and I will end up using your code if it's still there...

    I am still so envious of your leather jacket. It looks so soft and perfect. Mine is from the little boys section of the thrift store and I can't bend my arms when I wear it.

  5. Your outfit are everytime fantastic!!
    I love in particulare the black jacket!

  6. Just so pretty. I love the jacket. M.

  7. I love your hair bow! and love your style

  8. Nice selection!
    I discovered your blog thanks to Slanelle interview and I love it!


  9. hahahahaha, I love "I need that shirt in order to live". I feel that way about so many things.

    Lovely picks! - thanks for sharing.

  10. I just discovered your blog, I love it you are so stylish!

  11. The bow is cool- it does look sort of "old school girl band" with the jacket.
    Also, I have that MinkPink leopard print cropped thing, and it's really good. I highly recommend! Can't believe that it's only twentysomething dollars. Ughh.

  12. such a great outfit! i love your shorts :)

  13. I really like this outfit and the shirt and jewelry really caught my eye and now i want the.
    nice blog

  14. You're so stylish ! really love your blog !