46 - When in doubt, dress like you are the entire day of Halloween.

Cardigan - Vintage, Spider-web shirt - eBay, Pants - Neiman Marcus Last Call, Jewelry - Flea Market, Shoes - Sam Edelman, Purse - Forever 21, Lipstick - Revlon in Black Cherry

I woke up this morning and tried on a lot very crazy, complicated outfits with parts that zipped and buttoned and tied, but nothing felt right. That's when it hit me that I probably should dress like I am the entire holiday of Halloween. Like, if all of the holidays were embodied by angry high school kids who totally hate to do their homework and are bummed that "the man" doesn't get them, I would be the Halloween kid. Maybe this is more of a school play scenario...

Anyway, I've been really into this simple, minimalist grunge aesthetic lately. It feels so casual and easy and "un-fashion". In retrospect, it probably would not have hurt to throw on an acid-washed studded denim jacket or something, but I do not own one of those...yet.

Perhaps in defense of how all-over-the-map my aesthetic has been lately, I wanted to do a piece on what I consider to be my wardrobe staples. The three things that I find myself continuously putting on are my motorcycle jacket, my cut-off shorts, and a turban. I have to force myself not to wear these items, otherwise this would just be a blog about motorcycle jackets, denim cut-offs, and turbans. It would be called "James Dean-I-Why Aren't You Reading My Palm". I am not going to lie: if any of you would like to start that blog, I would hit "Follow" so fast that I would break the internet.

I will now present to you some totally rad leather (or faux leather) motorcycle jackets, denim cut-offs, and turbans in a variety of pricepoints. I think that really, you could just add a white tee shirt or a collared button-up to these three pieces and call it an outfit.

#1: The "I'll have my driver take my personal shopper to the store to pick it up for me" price range:
Burberry Prorsum studded jacket (this is the stuff from which dreams are made, my friends) - $5,995

Ksubi Destroyed Cut-Offs - $165

Amazing Leather Turban - $235

#2: The "My parents pay my rent but still make me work a bit so that I know the value of money" price range:

SWORD leather jacket - $541 ($432 with my blog's discount code)

Slashed Cut-Offs - $77

Vintage 1970s Knit Turban - $90

#3: The "Rent's high and the war's on" price range:

Cropped Faux Leather Jacket - $51

Destroyed Cut-Offs - $15

Jersey Knit Turban - $29

#4: The "Yeah right, my best friend is the thrift store" price range:
Vintage Leather Jacket - $10

Go to the thrift store, buy the cheapest pair of jeans in your size, cut them off, roll them up, and wear them for a week straight -- that's what I did. I'm thinking about filling a spray bottle with bleach and spraying them a bit, too. You can also take a seam ripper and pull out single threads running north-to-south for the threadbare look.

Use my turbeanie tutorial!


  1. ha! love the breakdown.....thx!! and the rust colored cardi is perfect!!

    ♥ thesoundoflace.blogspot.com ♥

  2. I love your make up here, your dark lipstick is beautiful!

  3. The spiderweb Tee is brilliant. SO versatile.


  4. Somebody's rocking again apparently!!!! :D Speechless: perfection! And I can see your awesome tattoo in the first pic, just a little but I can!! :P This lipstick looks very nice on you, too, but I guess that even a locusts' blood on your lips would look rad, so yeah.. :)

    And this first Burberyy Prorsum leather jacket is calling my name!!! Ahhh, illusions! :P

  5. Loving the halloween look, and that break down. I think deep down if we could we would all live in leather jackets, cut-offs and turbans.

  6. I loveee your shirt. tons. & I'm thinking I need to diy my jacket to the likes of that burberry beauty. x

  7. Love the Halloween kid look, I also love every turban you posted.

  8. the makeup& the outfit& the hair looks amazing!

  9. super beautiful and cool

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