47 - Jaundice-chic.

My favorite thing to do with makeup in the warmer months is to just put giant circles of eyeshadow or blush around my eyes. I usually do this with pink, but my favorite salmon-pink blush (typically reserved for this type of eye-maneuver) was nowhere to be found. Most likely, it was lurking in a zipped-up pocket of a seldom-used purse or something. I ended up using this yellow color instead. The end result is something I am calling jaundice-chic.

I thought that I was the only person ridiculous enough to just encircle my eyes in random colors, but then, about a month ago, the too-stunning-to-be-real-and-amazingly-stylish-and-smart-and-funny Britney from Disarming Darling posted a magazine editorial that featured makeup like this:

When I saw this, I had one of those moments where I was like, "Ohhhh, see that's what I've been trying to do." It's actually a very similar feeling to yesterday's post, when I found a picture of a girl who looked like the better version of me. In fact, our aesthetic is so similar that some commenters thought it WAS me and then I felt really guilty that I accidentally misled people into thinking I was this hubba-hubba hot model, so I edited to post to make sure everyone knows, and deleted the comments telling me how hot I was. Sorry guys. Whoa, tangent much?


  1. loveee ur eye makeup and clogs!

  2. you have such amazing style, you're so inspiring! plus i love the circle-eyeshadow thing. i don't look good with it with my little asian eyes, but you pull it off well. the combination of items you put together always work fantastically together :)

    Beneath the Glass

  3. love the makeup! gonna have to give it a go ;)

  4. i love it & yellow is tricky. i think you pull it off perfectly

  5. i´m always looking forward for new post on your blog. for me you are one of the best fashion bloggers! just love your style


  6. great eyeshadows!!
    you are really beautiful, lovely blog.)
    check mine, if you have a time.)

  7. I tried pulling off that sort of eyeshadow before but I look so young that I felt kinda silly wearing much makeup at all. You make me want to try it again, though.

    I really adore this outfit. ♥