49 - You said business casual, right?

Tights - DIY shredded, Shoes - H&M, Denim Shirt worn as Dress - Vintage, Grey Pullover - James Perse, Rings - Konstantino

One month in college, I firmly implemented a "No Pants" rule, which basically amounted to me running around campus in my underwear with colorful tights underneath and a lot of shiny things piled against my chest. I guess this is me trying to relive the glory days or something, while acting completely nonplussed.

Blogging has been exciting lately. I was on the NastyGal blog a bit ago. The lovely French blogger Slanelle featured an interview with me. I ended up on the Calivintage blog two weeks ago for her Friday Favorites (such an honor -- love her!) and, subsequently, on the ModCloth tumblr. Today, Fashion Paparazzis posted an interview with me. Also today, I was mentioned on Morven's blog! She is one of my all-time favorites, so that was really amazing to see. Then, as if today weren't going well enough, I received comments from two AMAZING bloggers: Coury from Fancy Treehouse and Charlene from Strutt. Ain't no greater thang than a little mutual love. Lastly, I have a promo in the works with Konstantino and my favorite US bloggers, which I'm sure you'll see soon. The ladies from my all-star blogging dream-team will be modeling some great Konstantino jewelry styles upon which y'all can drool.

Some people have been inquiring about a shredding tutorial. I'll have to post a real one, with pictures and all, because I have developed some extremely helpful techniques that cut the time in half. In response to yesterday's post about studding, some readers recommended getting your studs online. I should just smack myself in the forehead. Duh. I'm an idiot. Gun Street Girl recommended the "Supplies" section of Etsy. I found two great resources there, with a ton of variety. I am already dreaming up black jackets covered in black studs. Kat recommended eBay. It's all extremely affordable.

Anyway, this is a dull, boring outfit. Just you wait until tomorrow; I promise to dress like an insane person!


  1. Business casual: at least you're wearing tights! Hahaha.
    You've been a bust blogger, congratulations! You deserve it, I love your blog and always look forward to your updates :) Looking forward to the shredding tutorial!
    M xo

  2. love it! i have no idea how you put those tights on, but you wear them well.

  3. Jean, I love this look! A tad bit diff from your usual dress code, but definitely as charming. Oh btw, do check your email inbox!

  4. holy crap, congrats on all the features! you deserve it of course, being as stylish as you are. love the simple preppy yet edgy look of this outfit, you can get away with any look! and if you're looking for studs, check out the website "studs and spikes.com" :D

    Beneath the Glass

  5. Dull? Boring? It's perfection! I love how you mixed easy preppiness with some badassery (wow totally inventing words there)to achieve this look! And congrats on all the features - they are well-deserved and completely expected! You are phenomenal, and this is only the beginning for you. <3

  6. love.... sometimes... a bit simple (which this really isn't anyway) is good :)

  7. Thnaks for the cheeky mention. Please do a shredding tutorial I love these! xx

  8. I don't think this outfit is boring at all! It's beautiful! Anyway, thanks for the link :)

  9. I'm so excited about all the blogging things that have be happening for you that I spontaneously joyclapped. True.

  10. Not a boring outfit in the slightest. In fact, I'm on an old borrowed laptop and while loading this post, I initially only saw the button up and sweater combo as the images were loading, and was totally surprised by the tights included when I came back to the page. Never would have thought they would work together, but you pull it off so well!

    I can't wait to see those features. It must be so exciting to be interviewed! You so deserve it; you're really inspirational. (You've at least inspired me to return to wearing gobs of jewelery all at once, something I haven't done since I was sixteen.) I'm surprised Lookbook hasn't featured you yet, but I bet it'll happen. (Also, speaking of Konstantino, is there anywhere online to shop for their jewelery? Perhaps I'm not nagivating the site correctly, but I can see the collections, just not an option to shop.)

    A shredding tutorial would be amazing. I've refrained from doing any sort of shredding to my clothes because I'm a bit lost on the technique.

    Oh yay, a mention! Thanks! ♥

  11. Uh, that's a cool mix! Love the tights! Thank you very much for mentioning the online sites :D


  12. super frais ! Love your clothes from the top to the down!

  13. your hair looks different...hmmm...its swept to the other side...but it looks longer..and straighter. Anywho! I know it's been awhile but your bag got here like last Saturday, I just haven't been blogging or on blogger long enough to tell you that. I just posted a post featuring you and that bag. I love love looooove the bag btw!

  14. great tights. love the high buttoned collar look.

    january, x