50 - Bob Dylan Meets Danzig

Hat, Skirt, Belt, Bag Sweater - Vintage; Top - Mink Pink at Tobi; Shoes - eBay

Here's day one with the creepers, folks! QueenVII commented yesterday that she wanted to wear creepers without looking too goth. Well, Margaret had recommended styling my denim studded vest with a floral dress and creepers, and I think that's a great place to start. I will probably try to femme them up with my own version of that look very soon!

I had dinner this evening with the absolutely wonderful Britney of DisarmingDarling. I feel like I could never stop saying wonderful things about her. She was dressed fantastically in bleach splattered jeans, pony-hair animal print boots, a killer crazy statement necklace, and a sleeveless t-shirt worn over an off-the-shoulder sweater (I know right?!?!). We talked about her awesome eBay store and pretty much decided that we are the most awkward bloggers ever.

Okay, speaking of awkward, I made a video tutorial on shredding. I decided to go with denim, for reasons explained in the video. Blogger is being angry with me right now, so I will try to post it tomorrow.

EDIT: Kat has a great post up on ear cuffs. I highly recommend checking it out!


  1. shit ya. you wore your new creepers.

    verlly good. <--- i can do that shit, cuz i'm asian.

  2. That is one fine ring collection you have there! Love this outfit rummaging through your wardrobe must be a dream!

  3. If by awkward you mean absolutely amazing, then yes, I would have to agree.

  4. Amazing rings!!! Love the skull one especially!!
    And what a bag! Wow!


  5. Another great outfit! I'm tempted to buy some creepers, but I'm deciding whether to give up wearing leather or not due to being a vegetarian...

  6. Your style has yet to cease to amaze me. This outfit is incredible and you always have the most alluring jewelry.


  7. LOVE the styling of the creepers! I want some so bad... platform without being uncomfortable... big shoes that are cool because they are so awkward... good stuff here, i must say!

  8. Oh, I looove those ones! I need to start using Ebay despite the fact that it terrifies me a little bit (all those ratings...)

  9. Jesus, love this outfit! LOVE your blog.
    I think I'm blind; can't find your google followers-shzzl!

    And haha, you are so not awkward!


  10. if I wasn't on a shopping ban, I'd be purchasing a pair of these asap. ohhhhmyyygoddd I love them. & I love how pretty your skirt looks dancing in the wind. & your face. xx

  11. incredible outfit! your collection of rings are cool and those creepers!

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  12. you pull of the creepers so well!! i love your whole look.


  13. Those creepers! They work so well in this outfit, I'm really impressed; and that Mink Pink top you bought looks so great with that skirt. I kept staring at the page for it on Tobi thinking, 'how would I wear that without looking like Robin Hood?' (Mainly because I don't think I have anything that would go very well with it, aside from some jeans.)

    Speaking of Crystallized Vintage, I made off with her pink/salmon maxi dress on ebay last night. My mind is all a-buzz with ideas for wearing it. (I think I should invest in a brown suede vest or something to go with it.)

    Mein Gott, another mention? You're seriously awesome. ;___; ♥ Thank you!

  14. OMG you are the sweetest!!!! and how the fuck did i not see those shoes last night? that should have been the first thing you did upon me walking into the restaurant- kicked those babies up onto the table and said "LOOK! LOOK HOW AMAZING THESE ARE AND HOW PERFECTLY I PULL THEM OFF!"

    by the way, i was laughing on the way home while thinking about your impression of your younger brother cock blocking your model. i think lamson should videotape that story for his class.


  15. all of this with creepers is awesome!! fuck yes!!

  16. You have a damn unique style! So grunge <3
    I really like it.

  17. wow, love this! amazing outfit.

  18. u look absolutely amazin:))

    just found ur blog!

    great sense of style!


    x //\\rouli//\\

  19. Hi! I like your outfit! It's great!
    The long skirt is amazing!



  20. absolutely gorgeous!!! <3


  21. You look amazing, I am in love with your hair color/cut. I've been gradually going blonder, I'm so envious of platinum hair. And you bought the top! Yay! It looks great. I love creepers, especially those.

  22. Best name for a post. Ever.

  23. Love your blog!
    We are your newest followers:)
    Come check out our blog giveaway if you get a spare moment,
    Amber and Hilary xx


  24. hmmmm... Someone told you about my girl crash!! haha, thank you for the comments, you are a truly amazing blogger! And yea.. let's be blogger buddies ;)

    I really wouldn't dare to try on those shoes, but they look amazing on you! Once again, gorgeous outfit! (Oh and I like your hair this way) Have a lovely day :)

  25. love this look! to be honest - i prefer danzig. when i went to my first gig of danzig (more than 15 years ago, i wore a similar knit jacket... how funny!


  26. Ooo! I will watch the video.. You look quite nice here.. I like your creepers with this.. You and Britney are actually two of my most favorite lookbookers.. She is fantastic!