Interlude - Keep on Creeperin' On (or) The Day I Accidentally Dressed Like I Was Wearing a Halloween Costume Instead of Real Clothes

All images taken from the Tumblr pool tagged #creepers, which is interesting because it encompasses both photos of creepers and stories about men totally creeping out on people.

Guys, I'm not going to lie to you. I got dressed today, took pictures, the whole 9 yards, and when I looked at them, I just shook my head back and forth. Um, no. I looked like some sort of strange medieval pirate. I turned to my dog and asked, "Why didn't you tell me?" She burped, because she is a classy lady dog.

So instead of an outfit post, you get this inspiration post on creepers. I found an affordable pair on eBay and will most likely be wearing them in tomorrow's post. I always love it when the shoes I like happen to be insanely comfortable as well. I plan on wearing them with my Mink Pink lace-up tank top, a freshly arrived major score from the Tobi website for just 18 clams. I love my $30 rule. We will see what actually happens though.

In regards to the shredding tutorial, I need to find something to shred. Suggestions?


  1. I had a look I took pictures of, went onto the computer to crop them, and immediately shut the window for my memory card reader when I saw the final results. Yeah, I no longer put outfits together without a second opinion.

    I'd look so silly in creepers, so I love seeing people who make them look cool.

    For the shredding tutorial, is denim a valid suggestion? I want to tear up my new denim shirt-jacket but I don't know how to go about it in a calculated way. However, with the material being so unique from anything else, I'm not sure if it's something you could work with. So other than that: tights. Definitely tights if nothing else.

    (I'm realising more and more of the long comments I leave to blogs all the time. Is that weird? Hmm.)

  2. Haha your classy lady dog sounds adorable! ;)
    Glad you found another pair of creepers, when I was scrolling through this post I felt your pain for missing the old ones! Can't wait to see them.
    Can you shred t-shirts? That's probably a dumb question. Also, I'm on the lookout for a sweater to make a turbeanie!
    M xo

  3. a top? I saw someone else had shedded a tank and it was sweeeeeet.
    Although I realise it's unlikely that you'll have a tank just sitting around to (literally) shred to pieces...

    Look forward to it!



  4. The creeper shoe came out of nowhere (in my opinion). I like it very much :D Want to see yours!

  5. I want to wear creepers without lookin goth... does that make sense? I love these photos and how they are styled. Do you know how to shred t-shirts?

  6. Thanks for the laugh...again :o)

  7. The caption made me laugh, I can just imagine! Great set of photos, gotta love some creepers (the shoe kid of course).

  8. iùm tottaly fan of creepers <3
    i love the first picture <3

  9. totaly love the forst picture !! <3


  10. I will always be a fan of creepers but I could never pull them off. As in, wear them and not look like a clown. I don't know, just not me! I can't wait to see yours, though. I think you could wear a paper bag and saran wrap and look amazing, though.

  11. ahhh love your blog - all your inspiration and outfit photos are just splended!

    following you now :)

    Vintage Stop at www.vickileestyle.blogspot.com

  12. I absolutely adoore my creepers <3 Much more then I ever adored doc martens. We will see how far they will make it in the bloggersphere and in the fashion industry in general.
    Like the blog, so following :)

    xx jeanne

  13. gah i once did a post on creepers , and well yeah you totally outdid me . hahahaha ! NEEEED CREEEPERS .

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  15. i have a pair of pink colour,even though it looks like comfortable,it is not :))

  16. i love my creepers but i do always worry they make my feet look like boats

  17. I love these pictures! Seeing them kind of makes me regret that I got rid of mine...I loved them but I did not have the confidence to wear them out:( Also, they weren't very comfortable...But still, I love to see them on other people and you are no exception;)