55 - Mmmm...tortillas.

Skirt - Courtesy of Lulu's ($37!), Dress - American Apparel, Belt - Vintage (and way too huge, hence the strange buckle-job), Jewelry - Konstantino + Flea Market, Hat - Vintage

Here is my gorgeous lace skirt from Lulu's! It makes me feel like a totally rad abuelita making tortillas, but like maybe I'm making them while staring into the sun, because it was really bright outside so I am squinting in every picture.

So, I had a lovely discovery the other day: I stumbled across a picture of myself on someone's thinspo blog. Yeah, the "lovely" part is obviously sarcasm. If you are well-adjusted and do not know what "thinspo" is, allow me to shed some light: it is inspiration to be thin, usually in the form of photos of skinny girls, that is frequently used by girls with eating disorders as motivation to continue their extreme weight-loss regimens. Don't ask me how I ended up looking at the thinspo site to begin with...tumblr is a strange place full of winding pathways. Anyway, this was a particularly disheartening discovery for me, as it is obviously the opposite of any message I would ever want to send. When I saw it, my first response was, "Ewwwww!" in true Valley-Girl fashion.

It's hard for me to address an issue that specific, but it is easy for me to address the greater issue of how hard we are on our appearances. I'm going to get a bit sappy and after-school special here, but seeing girls down on their appearances really irritates me, so please bear with this. Most people have little things that they don't like about themselves. For the sake of what follows, whenever you see [--], insert any part of your body which you have maybe judged too harshly (for me, it will be my mouth; don't ask). Also, this only applies in the event that being a model is not your one shining aspiration in life. If it is, you will most likely need a body that resembles a hanger (which can be beautiful, but is not the only way to be beautiful). If your body does not resemble a hanger, that's fine, just choose a different job. Any other job. In the whole world. Problem solved.

Your [--] is not holding you back from anything in life. Your [--] is not ever going to stop you from experiencing success, adventure, stability, love, happiness,  or anything else you want. If that were the case, then nobody with your [--] would ever be happy, and that seems pretty impossible. Models are models because they are unique -- people are not supposed to look like them. It is abnormal, sometimes gorgeously so, but nobody expects you to look like that. If anyone ever tells you that you aren't pretty enough, punch them. Seriously. Just hit them right in the face, and then maybe go get a Coke or something, and we can all have a laugh about what a total d-bag that person was anyway.

Also, I am nearly the size of a child, so please do not use me as inspiration to look like anything. That's just bizarre.


EDIT: PS, I am totally digging the new Chictopia layout. 


  1. you wanna know something interesting, i really really love your mouth. seriously, i was looking at this post and all i could see was how adorable your mouth was. and i don't mean that in any sort of inappropriate way, i was just appreciating it. just proves your point that your insecurities regarding it aren't going to hold you back.

    i also found myself noticing recently how thin you are. the thing is, there is NOTHING wrong with being thin if you are healthy and happy. period. so don't let it get to you too much. it sounds to me like you don't want to be supporting anyone's negative body image and that's great - good for you!

    man, i hope any of that made sense...

    btw-your blog just gets better and better!

  2. Ohmygah! Thinspo blogs annoy the hell out of me!! what is the point of aspiring the impossible? I might as well start a 'tallspo' blog for that day when I magically grow five inches.

    That skirt is amazing. Reminds me of a vintage one I had a long time ago that I stupidly cut up because no fabric stores carried black lace.
    Yeah, regretting that one.

    I'm child size also, do you still shop in the kids section? I do. haha.

  3. You have a contagious smile and a gorgeous mouth! You're really funny so I love when you laugh. I am awaiting your standup comedy open -mic night with baited breath. I think it needs to happen soon! If anyone is using you for inspiration it should be to enhance their personalities (and/or their personal style). I think Lulu's should hire you as their model! You make this skirt look way better than on their website (no offense, Lulu's)

    Also, P.S. I don't like my arms!

  4. You look amazing! diggin the skirt!
    And I think your mouth is unique, and I ain't just kissing butt!
    Also this is one of my favorite posts of yours :)
    I totally agree with what you said about image appearance.

    stop by sometime, xx natalie

  5. stunning outfit!! i love your skirt <3 and gorgeous photos!!!

  6. I think it's the little things about ourselves that bug us that make so many other people fall in love with us. Like our faults make us human, and real, so we don't feel alienated from each other. Models are scary that way, they're like these gorgeous Amazonian women who are absolutely terrifying because of their constant strife towards perfection.

    It's a terrible life to live. They're pretty to look at, but imagining putting yourself through those trials makes accepting your "flaws" easier.

    And in a non-creepy way, just like the other commenters are stating, your mouth is so unique. Even if you don't like it, it makes you look confident, yet your video [Yes, I'm stalking you :( ] shows how lively your face is when you speak. I never would have assumed so otherwise, and it just makes following you, this blog rather, that much more awesome.

    P.S. I dislike my knobby knees.

  7. I love the black dress + lace skirt !
    I reed everything but my english isn't too good to comment, it's ok to reed, but not to write.
    And your mouth is cute !

  8. You look stunning. I think it's really great that people are starting to send you clothes, I mean, as long as you like why wouldn't you!?

    Nicely said about insecurities Thinspo blogs are not cool. I used to use them alot when I had an eating disorder but they're literally just there to make you feel worse about yourself.


  9. ok, i'll just get this out of the way, your skirt is beautiful.
    and what the fuck, thinspo?? i never even knew these existed.. that is so sad! i feel the same way as you and probably every other girl out there. there are things i would change about my body, but it's what makes me, me. and the only thing that could hold me back in life is myself, not what i look like, or anything else.
    very weird, surreal experience, i'm sure, but maybe it's a good thing you came across it so you could address the issue on your own blog.

    january, x

  10. this is stunning! love your skirt.

  11. i'm in love with this outfit - it's insaneee! especially that lace skirt mmm <3

    Vintage Stop at www.vickileestyle.blogspot.com

  12. "If anyone ever tells you that you aren't pretty enough, punch them. Seriously. Just hit them right in the face..."

    ...This is probably the best thing I've ever read on someone's blog, and now I'm really considering taking this suggestion seriously if this sort of thing should occur. (Don't know if it will, but who knows?)

    I used to be really hard on myself about my body -- but that was when I was between the ages of fifteen and eighteen and I had literally no friends IRL and I was scary depressed. Once I started going out with who is now my fiancee, however, I started feeling better about myself, so it's not really an issue for me anymore.

    Still, finding pictures of yourself on a site like that must be really unnerving. Inspiring people is one thing, but...don't people realise that eating healthy and being somewhat active makes a person look a lot more attractive than letting themselves waste away? Ugh, I worry about people with eating disorders so much.

    Dude, I'm the size of a /petite/ child, so don't feel bad - there's a lot of us around. (I see a lot of tiny women come through my workplace!) This just means we can shop in the super hip junior's section of every store until we die!

    Finally, you make that skirt look amazing. (I was a bit on the fence about it on the site.) Also, I'm head over heels for that belt. ♥

  13. this outfit is amazin!

    looooooooooooooove that skirt

    big kiss~~~~rouli

  14. WOW! sooo amazing! you look absolutely gorgeous! <3 the skirt soo suits you


  15. Gorgeous outfit! I love your dress :)

  16. Oh my, that's so sad - it must really feel terrible to be used as thinspo, I would imagine. You look wonderful, I think. That skirt looks marvelous on you for sure <3

  17. omg, I adore his skirt so much!

    xoxo, Céline

  18. Apart from the incredible outfit post I found your writing very witty and daring and agree that we cant all be hangers! I think you should be on a site that inspires people to be them selves and dress marvellously chic without being a fashion victim...
    I guess the wonderful world of the web can be a dark place too

    I think you are perfect xxx

  19. right now I'm thinking 2 things: I really hate my mouth too (well, teeth really) because my teeth shifted all over the place when I got my wisdom teeth out making my 4 years of braces completely useless & leaving me with a gap between my front teeth. & two, with all this thinspo/tortilla talk, I really want a burrito. I may just eat 2 for the sake of the models with hanger bodies who can't have one.

  20. "Models are models because they are unique -- people are not supposed to look like them."

    THIS. Oh my gawd, THIS. I wish more people understood that! Thank you! Now let's go hit them in the face and have a Coke. Ha!

    Anyway. I've been seeing a lot of these long, unlined lace skirts around and wondering how on earth to wear them without it looking like you wore the crinoline and forgot the skirt, you know what I mean? And I think you totally hit the right combination here! All the heavy metals really balance the lacy wispiness of the skirt.

  21. this is so beautiful!
    i don't like long shirts, but this one is perfect because it is a lace skirt <3 so it's transparent!
    i get inspiration! ;)

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  23. I am obsessed with this. You look beautiful.


  24. completely agree with what you say, no one should aspire to look like some of the models out there!
    love this outfit though, your jewellery is beautiful :)


  25. I had a Free People skirt that looked almost exactly like that. Then I sold it. Go figure. I pretty regularly have these huge closet clean outs in which I realllly overdo it.

    Dude, thinspo blogs are so depressing- I can't look at them for very long without wanting to ring up Gloria Steinem or something. And if I saw a photo of myself on one, I doubt I could refrain from some sort of sappy quote-fest in the comments.

    Oh- and I dyed the ol' eyebrows. Still getting used to it- strange, since they were already almost nonexistent.

  26. That skirt is so pretty. I have a lace vintage one that I cut the lining out of, which I tend to do a lot, but it's not as pretty as yours.

    Thinspo is really strange to me. I agree with everything you've written here. I just don't care enough to genuinely have insecurities. I have really messed up teeth and I've had a LOT of dental work done lately, which is why I never show them in photos. But I don't give a damn. I think everyone should be proud of what they have, but should first and foremost strive to be healthy. Aaaand your mouth is perfectly pretty to me.

    Also, you wear the multiple necklaces so well.

  27. This can be disheartening to be found on such a site that promotes something unhealthy. I think you look fantastic and you have a great figure. I get mistaken 90% of the time for looking like a child, but I agree with you, love ourselves and be good to ourselves health wise and move on.

    The lace skirt is beyond beautiful.

    much love.

  28. I'm loving the mix of colors in this outfit...which seems odd because you are wearing all black...but the earthy tones of the accessories pop. Love it. Also, thinspo? wtf? Lord.

    Thanks for the recommendation on triangle pendents. Shortly after I posted that..I found some bomb triangle necklaces on Etsy that I had somehow overlooked. Rad!

    strawberry freckleface

  29. I had no idea what thinspo was/is until I came across this on your blog. It's really upsetting.

    On a happier topic, I love your outfit, but in particular, those earrings! I think you show just how amazing accessories are to any outfit. I want to raid your ring collection!

  30. great skirt and cool look

  31. Oooh, really love this sheer lace skirt! Excellent!! Love the belt you paired with it as well! Follow each other?


  32. I would literally DIE for this skirt!

  33. Rad skirt for such a good price! and the belt looks awesome. I love the oversize! I wish I had great fleamarkets around to get the jewelry you have. It's insane.