60 - In a total rut.

Jacket, Belt, Shorts - Vintage, Top - Mink Pink via Tobi, Shoes - Anarchic from eBay, Socks - Urban Outfitters, Bag - Forever 21, Jewelry - Konstantino + Flea Market + Santee Alley + Handmade by Great Great Aunt Fran

Lately, I have been just staring into my closet as though it were some sort of fruitless abyss. I know there is clothing in there, and I know I must like most of it, but for some reason, nothing seems to be working for me.

Last night, Britney and I went to the NastyGal party in Hollywood, where we met the wonderful Shea from Cheyenne Meets Chanel. She is just absolutely adorable and the nicest person ever. Britney spent the evening trying to politely reject lovelorn boys, while I invented all sorts of exciting alter-egos for her, which I shared with said lovelorn boys in the midst of their rejection. "This is my friend Melissa. She is a concert violinist." You get the picture.

Since I am basically the worst blogger in the world this week, I am going to leave you with some photos from a Vogue Paris October 2010 editorial:


  1. oh mah god. so butch. love it. I meant that about the vogue photos not your outfit. hah. I like all the black and your silver accessories, I know what you mean, so many clothes but nothing is working quite right. Hopefully you get out of the rut! Have a wicked weekend!


  2. i know the feeling. not knowing what to wear feels so... DESPERATE and DIRE.

    that's when i start cutting shit up.


  3. this is what "being in a rut" looks like for you? stop it. this is no rut! you look awesome! socks and creepers and faux fur and a lace-up top? yes!

    my face also hurts from laughing so much last night. that was the strangest mix of events to have happened to me lately (other than the lesbian spirit hood designer) and it was great.

    oh, i forgot to tell you about the sweet moves of the dudes who believed that i was melissa the concert violinist- he said very slowly, "i like your rings." and proceeded to hold my hand in silence.

    that's when the man in the penguin hat and briefs asked if i needed to be rescued, and that's when i got up.

    you're the besssssssst!!!!!

  4. whoa the socks look like bloody interesting !

  5. hey if you're bored with your clothes, i'd gladly take them off your hands. consider it charity ;D hahaha
    but seriously though, love the outfit <3

  6. LOVE this. those shoes rock! and you have the most awesome jewelry.
    great editorial too, freja looks hot!

  7. I get that "my closet is an abyss" rut also, and that is when I end up selling stuff. But yours seriously doesn't look like a rut. Those socks with creepers look perfect. I wish I was in LA this past weekend or lived there and could go to this such stuff... maybe in a year.

  8. u really look amazin:)

    love the whole outfit!

    great editorial too

  9. they are awesone !! and you wear it with talent !! I love it ;)

  10. hannnn black style ;) love it ! love your shoes so much !

  11. I get that feeling about my clothes daily. :( Though that may be slightly because we've been in winter here since October, and it's still in the midst of ending (I mean, I suppose it is; 50-60 degree weather is still too cold for my Southwestern blood... New England needs to get itself together) and I hate wearing winter clothing.

    I like this outfit, though! It's casual but doesn't sacrifice style; and I really adore your jewelery. Like burning.

    You're so lucky to have gone to the Nasty Gal party! I bet it was all sorts of fun. Makes me wonder if anything fun goes on in Boston while I'm not paying attention...would be nice to hang with a crowd that has the same interests in clothes that I do.

  12. You rock girl! Great look ;)

    much love,

  13. Omg cette fourrure.. J'adore ! Et le short :O
    Magnifique cette tenue !!

  14. Love the curb stomping shoes with the girly socks!

  15. Such decadent photos, love it. Then you pretty up the edgy outfit with those floral socks! Genius look :)

    much love.

  16. You look great!! and I do the same thing with my friends at random parties

    really inspirational


  17. I love your creepers!!!! You look fab to me!