63 - Mystery Science Theater 3000

 Shirt - Courtesy of Youreyeslie, Pants - Neiman Marcus Last Call (major score -- $35!), Denim Jacket - Vintage, Shoes - Sam Edelman, Scarf - Urban Outfitters, Bag - Courtesy of Lulus, Jewelry - Konstantino

I look so plain-faced in these photos, almost like I'm a different person. You can see my abnormally-large head with a whole new clarity now, not muddled and confounded by makeup. I tried to be a bit of a minimalist today. Notice the absence of jewelry! I mean, I had to wear a little. Baby steps, people.

On another note, companies sometimes email me to introduce their brand, and when I'm totally into something, I want to share it with you all, because I think you might be into it, too. When I'm not totally into something, I have to send them "Dear John" letters. "It's not you; it's me. I'm going in a different direction. I think you can find someone who loves you the way you deserve to be loved."

Accessory Freaks is a UK jewelry brand who emailed me not too long ago, and thankfully, they turned out to be radsauce (I say "thankfully" because I really hate having to write those pesky Dear John letters -- bummer to the max).  In particular, I thought it important to let you know that these two things exist in the world:

Oh, this? This is just a majorly awesome cross necklace. I want to wear it over a UNIF T-shirt tucked into high-waisted cutoffs with a pair of the Jeffrey Campbell Lanas. Wouldn't that be dreamy? PS: I ordered those shoes and they will be in my hands tomorrow. I will probably end up offending the UPS man with how quickly I snatch the package from his hands, screaming "Mine!" like an odd little feral banshee. 
And this little buddy? A multi-finger ring. It makes me want to punch people! KAPOW! I would need another one for my other hand, though, that says, "Sorry! I got really excited about my kapow ring and couldn't resist the urge to punch you and now I feel really bad about it so can I please treat you to coffee?" MAKE IT FIT.

Edit: Stacey is feeling under the weather. Please go give her well-wishes, if you are so inclined.

Double Edit: I am still wearing a little makeup, just not the clownish garish quantities to which you are surely accustomed by now.


  1. That galaxy shirt rocks.
    and those leather bottoms rule.

  2. Wow, those pants are amazing! And your make up looks really good in these, your head doesn't look big. I like that we get small peaks of your tattoos.

    I'd love to hear how the Lana's turn out, I've wanted to get a pair but scared they'll look overpowering on a small frame.

    The Accessory Freaks jewelry is amazing and I love the end of your post, I definitely laughed.


  3. LOVE!! You have the best outfits ever! I love this look..everything about it!


  4. perfect outfit!
    //www.fashion-ice.blogspot.com < Don't forget to enter the give-away!

  5. Nice outfit! I love the t-shirt. And pants. Everything, really.

  6. thouse trousers are awesome - love the whole look, and loving the jewellery esp the KAPOW ring



  7. I love your shirt! and that scarf is to die for :)



  8. wow! the galaxy shirt is so cool! maybe i make myself in DIY :) and you look stunning like always <3


  9. haaaaa love love the t shirt <3 <3

  10. The shirt is so cool.
    As is that jewelry is amazing. I think I would actually become batman if i had that kapow ring.

  11. Fffff-- I really hate how much I love YourEyesLie, because I can't afford their wonderful, beautiful things. ;___;

    But really, you look really pretty in these photos. You look natural. It works for you. :)

    Aaand now I think I need to find myself some wet look pants that I can afford (that aren't cheap Chinese knock-offs from eBay) and hope my finacée doesn't give me the 'you're not leaving the house wearing those' look when I show her.

  12. I hype it on lookbook and i still think it's great outfit!

  13. Ohhh my goodness this is such a cool outfit. I LOVE that t-shirt. And you can never go wrong with shiny black pants!
    Are you really not wearing makeup?! You look gorgeous! As usual :D
    Also! Congratulations on being a Chictopia Style Icon!
    M xo

  14. Every single piece is perfect. And you look fantastic with natural look. I wish i could go out without make-up, ehm.

  15. I get my daily dose of LOL's reading your blog commentary so please promise me you'll never stop k? k. I'm going to end up laughing this pesky little kidney stone out.

    p.s. thank you for mentioning me. :) x

  16. it's funny how in this sequence of images you keep layering on more items. the scarf was the icing. it's fucking huge and i love it.

    Dirty Hair Halo

  17. you're so pretty! love your blog <3

  18. Those pants are hot! Gorgeous outfit! :)

  19. awesome look + watching you :)


  20. amazingly cool as always. What a sense of style you have! I'm so glad I found you at chictopia a while ago.

    Come participate in my TOMS shoes giveaway!

    Love Despite color

  21. Ugh, the title of this post makes you 1000X cooler in my eyes.

    I need that kapow ring, like for reals. Do you remember Linda used to make those brass knuckles that said fuck across them? Aw, I always wanted one of em. I think she sells them on Etsy? Dunno, citation needed.

  22. Thanx for the mention of Accessory Freaks girl! Just posted the link on the FB page www.facebook.com/accessoryfreaks

  23. in the first two pictures it looks like your feet aren't touching the ground...
    like in sci-fi old movies when people were green-screened into spacey locales.
    and that top is so rad.

  24. I love that shirt! and your tattoos! and your face!


  25. The Clever IdiotMay 4, 2011 at 3:20 PM

    Nu uhh, you still look beautiful! And you have unfairly flawless skin by the way =[