Field Trip - Santee Alley

Yesterday, Nicki and I took a break from our usual flea market adventures and went to Santee Alley in the Fashion District of Downtown Los Angeles. Now, you are hearing "fashion district" coupled with "downtown Los Angeles" and you are thinking glamour, right? That would be a rational conclusion to which one would jump. Now take whatever you are picturing in your head, and then find the opposite of that. Congratulations; you now have an accurate idea of Santee Alley. Santee Alley is literally an alley where vendors sell a variety of random goodies with only one thing in common: they are really cheap. It is like a little slice of heaven right here on earth, my friends.

One of my favorite things about Santee Alley is that the art of the sale is still alive and thriving. People stand outside of their little marts and say absolutely anything and everything to get you inside. This guy was clearly really excited that it was 2011. He was yelling (you have to yell because everyone is, and if you aren't, nobody will hear you) about how everything in his place was just $10. Nicki and I saw shoes and took to it like the proverbial moth to flame (is there a proverb about that?). Of course, everything in that little booth was not $10. Only a sad few shelves of scuffed sandals up front were actually $10. Everything else was more in the $25-$40 range. Don't get me wrong, that's a good deal, but Nicki and I were on a major bargain hunt, and took our business elsewhere...

...like to this booth selling $1 "fashion accessories"! Unlike Mr. 2011, this booth told no lies; rows and rows of rings, necklaces, bracelets galore were all just $1! Nicki scored that sweet asymmetrical abalone bracelet, and I got Mr. Skully-Face bracelet. $2 well spent. High five!

These rings were each $1, too, but I was overwhelmed by how awesome they all were and had to just walk away.

Nicki tested out some awesome $1 shiny eyeliners at this little booth, where they sold discount MAC products and other fun things. While she tested colors, I discovered this anti-fungal cream with by far the gnarliest images ever on the packaging. I was so nasted out that I had to take a picture...you know, for posterity.

Check out these fine ladies! They were all just $25! I didn't get a pair (again, overwhelmed by options), but I will probably go back and get the mule version of the bottom left in either black or white. The mule version was a high-ticket item for good ol' Santee Alley, coming in at $38, but girl looked good.

Oh, hello there. Can I interest you in some sunglasses with pot leaves on them? Perhaps ones that make your eyes look like bodacious breasts inside of a brassiere? No good? Maybe you'd like some actual beer goggles, or the middle finger sunglasses made famous in the most recent UNIF lookbook. In the end, Nicki and I scored a ton of rad sunglasses. I got 5 pairs for $20, but sadly, none of them were as bizarre-sauce as these bad boys. 

Proper outfit post to follow!


  1. these pictures are badass. glad you guys had fun!

  2. omg if we only had something like that in dallas...

  3. btw, i would kill for that jesus ring. I dunno, I just have this thing for religious iconography- maybe cause Joey is a lapsed Catholic, which I think is sort of fascinating for some reason?
    So ya, Jesus ring. The staff kind of completes it (am I horrible for thinking hilariously phallic?).

  4. Love this post ! Great photos ! Kiss xxx

  5. looks like a fun day trip! will have to go when i'm in LA next
    january, x

  6. I really envy you, with all of your awesome flea markets and street markets. In Boston, the best we can pull off is some booths from Chinatown that sell really cheaply-made purses. I hope they'll come up with something better this year.

    Mein Gott, if I'd seen those shoes for twenty-five bucks, I probably would have cracked and fell to the ground crying. ♥

  7. I love your blog, and much as I hate to be the party pooper, I feel like I have to call out something- its awesome that you try to follow a more eco-friendly and wallet friendly fashion diet, but these ultra cheap shoes and accessories are often produced so cheaply because the maufacturers cut corners on working conditions and safety standards for their workers... ie someone else is paying with their suffering to make up for the cost of the shoe. I'm not saying I'm the perfect fashion consumer, we have probably all fallen for the quick cheap cute wardrobe update, but I think its important to be conscious of where these products come from!

  8. Megan, I know that 100% and addressed that in the post above! It is all about balance and consciousness. Thanks for your comment!

  9. you're amazing! i love your rings so much!

  10. huxley has HORRIBLE phone etiquette! how's about thursday?? we can hang out at the stood and do some fashion districting?

  11. omg . there needs to be more flea markets in my country .

  12. How sweet it is to live life twice, in the moment, and through your blog! <3

  13. The first photo is ♥