70 - Tie Dye, Sky High

Dress - Wholesale-Dress.Net, Vest - Vintage, Shoes - Wholesale-Dress.Net, Turbeanie - DIY, Jewelry - Konstantino + Flea Market, Bag - Courtesy of Lulu's

Perfect Summer Wardrobe: Lightweight Dress + Vest. Presto, you're dressed.

I'm too exhausted from real-people-work to say anything clever or charming or insightful, so instead I will just remind you that the below giveaway is going on until Wednesday. Don't forget to enter!

Also, I am enlisting your help: I am looking for the perfect motorcycle vest. This is the only one I've seen. I quite like it, but I do like having options. Have you seen any good ones lurking about the interwebz?


  1. love the dress! I wish I could navigate through the wholesale site but it won't load for me.

  2. your earrings are great! Like all outfit ;)

  3. so good! That dress is awesome. I haven't seen any good leather vests.. I will keep my eye out.


  4. these aren't too shabby:




    strawberry freckleface

  5. love the dress, a nice break from the typical maxi

  6. aahhhhh i looooove thiiiis!!! i should have partook in the wholedress.net action. i am sinking further and further into regret with each of your blog posts...

  7. great combo...perfect for this heatwave!

    ♥ thesoundoflace.blogspot.com ♥

  8. Those colors are amazing on your skin and I still can't get over your hair.


  9. cute outfit! but you don't look too happy here? smile girl :]]

    Kayla xx


  10. looking fab as always, love the mass amount of rings and those awesome wedges



  11. That vest is cool. I would go for it. It's a bit too expensive, maybe..

    Your tattoos are cool! Love to see them better :)

  12. Love your style!! You have such an effortless and cool vibe!! Your jewelry is brilliant in these photos!!

  13. I just recently found your blog and i'm in lovee! and I love your lighter eyebrows you're gorgeous girly :) keep up the amazing outfits and inspiring posts...you're one of the few bloggers who I love to read AND look at the photos!

  14. totally hooked on all your jewelry :) wondering if you could take a pic or two of all your tattoes, and make a post about it ;) thx&ciao

  15. I'm french, your blog is one of my favorites! your style is very nice! :)

  16. Skeleton earrings...how awesome!

    About the motorcycle (leather) vest - I looked at All Saints because they always have great leather goods and sometimes also edgy vests like you look for. But unfortunately at the moment they don't sell any...
    Maybe eBay has some cool ones...

  17. I'm slightly obsessed with this outfit. The shoes are incredible!
    Have a great day :)

  18. love everything you're wearing,awesomeeee!


  19. Maxi dress plus denim vest equals freaking amazing. I'd been contemplating wearing my denim vest with my maxi I got from Britney for a while now... (Or even the mini dress I bought from her.)

    I'm not savvy on biker vests, but I was doing some research on Etsy to see how much leather jackets go for (I have one I'm planning to sell) and I thought I saw some pretty awesome vests that were mistagged (if that's even a word), so you can probably find something there.)

    Also, may I say that you look really awesome with your hair at that length?

  20. okay I just spent awhile catching up on all your posts I missed over the weekend & I feel like I have a lot to say but kind of forget everything except for the fact that I loveeee (& I mean LOVE) your new hairs! the color is perfect. <3

  21. I dunno, the vest you found on Pixie Market is pretty awesome. You should buy that one- it's a bit off, but in a really good way.
    Also, love the maxi dress. I'm unbelievably easy to please when it comes to all things tie-dyed. You look adorable, as per usual.

  22. Man, where do I even begin? I love that dress, it looks really great on you. That might be your color. The shoes are fantastic as well. Hmm.. I haven't seen any really great motorcycle vests. I'm backing the Pixie Market one, it looks very you.

  23. You just put everything together AMAZINGLY.


  24. cute blog! I’ll follow you!
    I have a fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers on bloglovin:-)

  25. love the necklaces and yes show us your tattoes ;)

  26. The Clever IdiotMay 4, 2011 at 5:41 AM


    I've been silently stalking your blog for a little while now, so I thought I would finally comment lol:

    Basically I noticed you like your maxi skirts/dresses (I do too! =D) & I just wanted to let you know that I've found this cheap maxi skirt that Warehouse are doing:

    Also, I know you like a deal so the skirt fits well below your $30 budget, (even with P&P!) Here are 2 codes to help you get more off:
    -'Student11' will give you 10% off
    -'Bunting' will give you free delivery (but I think this one expires today! =S)

    I actually ordered 2 myself & they're lovely! It has a stretchy waistband so you can layer it above clothes as well as below- & it's made out of reaaally flexible jersey (I actually did a roundhouse kick in it haha!) And they're good quality & not see-through either =]

    Anyways just to clarify I'm not affiliated with Warehouse in any way lol- I just like to spread a good quality (but cheap!) item of clothing when I see one!

    Sorry for the long post- Hope this helps! Take care! =D

  27. effortless look. i'm in LOVE with all of your rings!

  28. i'm in love!!
    great style!
    love the rings

  29. I don't know why but when I looked at the fourth and the fifth photo, I felt strange sense of content and that life's going to be fine...that's probably connected with the fact that I wrote my last final exam today but, however bizzarre that sounds I like your outfit :) especially the combination of jeans vest and the dress (and of course this lovely skeleton earring!)