71 - Def Leppard (or) Leopard on Leopard

Dress, Shoes, Socks - Wholesale-Dress.Net (I have a disorder when it comes to this website...); Bag - Vintage; Belt - H&M; Jewelry - Konstantino + DIY + Vintage + Flea Market

I feel like my retinas are burning off of my face from all of the time I've spent staring into my computer screen lately. I have been working nonstop, hence the abysmal infrequency of updates.

The winner of the Glamour Kills giveaway is the lovely Cass! Cass, FYI, I am a really slow shipper. I know, I know, and I apologize in advance. I will ship it next week!

Today is the day in which I address questions posed in emails and comments.

1. The new shoes and things
You may have noticed lately that I'm wearing a lot of things from wholesale-dress.net. It's like a bizarre wholesale website that also sells some things at retail to the public, and they have hundreds of thousands of items, and (as people who know me IRL can attest) I have a sick addiction to it. I made it into a verb. For example:
"Hey Madeline, wanna hang out tonight?"
"Nah man, can't. I'm wholesale-dress.netting."
And then I just go through like tens of thousands of strange products for hours on end, looking for the one cool item in true OCD neurotic fashion. Anyway, I ordered like a buh-jillion things and that's why I'm wearing 'em all lately; fair warning: it is really hard to find cool things, and it's super-overwhelming, but it's mega affordable due to currency conversion rates. That's my two-cents, since I know some people have been emailing me about it.

2. Tattoos
Another thing about which I have been receiving emails/comments is my tattoos. I hate most of my tattoos, so I actually try not to take pictures of them. Gosh, am I just the biggest let-down or what?

3. Kevyn Aucoin Makeup
I had some questions about the Kevyn Aucoin foundation/concealer/magic tub that I mentioned in my makeup article on Swide (plug: check out my other article here and Taylor's articles here and here). I swear by this stuff. I wear SX 01 because I am the color of copy paper. In the summer, I get a bit darker, so I just dust with a darker shade of powder and it balances out fine. One little tub will last you about a year and a half, so it's a great investment.

That taken care of, I will leave you with two random thoughts of the day:
1. I don't usually go gaga over models, but this lady that was just featured in the new UO catalog is pretty rad-looking. 
2. I've got another blog crush: Wolf & Willow.


  1. I am loving the leopard! I've been doing SEVERAL animal prints on my blog for some reason too . . . Also, Def Leopard is one of my most cherished bands (blame my parents for blaring it without remorse since I was a tot). Also, I don't have any tatoos and that is why too--I think I'm too indecisive . . . or maybe not . . . I don't know.

  2. leopard on leopard is so right when done... right. you look so pretty. i miss you! a lot! stupid work! :)

    and yes, i can attest to you using wholesale.net as a verb on a few occasions. i wish i had some patience and less A.D.D...

  3. ^__^ (thats my totally flattered face)

    and I also thought the same exact thing about the UO chick when I saw her. SO cool looking.

  4. Have you had any bad items recieved from wholesale dress? I dont know if I should order stuff or not. Though I did get your dress of Zipia :)

  5. You pull off that leopard on leopard look so well! And those statement earrings and lace up heels are super hot. I just went to check out Wholesale-dress.net, I think you gave me a new addiction... :)

    much love.

  6. LOVE!




  7. oh you're faaace in that first picture! so cute. I love those shoes, man. And I checked out the wholesale dress.net ish and it's awesome. I have some other sites like that... one has really cheap cute shoes but there are a 123929308402938 shitty, hooker (literally) and ghetto shoes to wade through before you find the cute ones. I love those kind of online stores because it's kind of like thrifting... it's a shopping challenge! love the leopard socks too.

  8. Gorgeous dress! Love leopard print, though not as brave as you to wear it in a dress...hehe :)

  9. you look so amazing and edgy in that dress!and i adore the socks too. great accessorising! i am trying to follow you on google but i can't find it, am i being blind? haha :)

  10. So nice ;D


  11. ha, i bet you got one of those emails from the wholsale-dress.net folks to wear their stuff. i'm glad you found some good shizz cuz I get seriously confused over there. Plus I've got the shoulders of a linebacker and I don't trust anything "asian free size" to that. i can say that, though, i'm part filipino.


    Dirty Hair Halo

  12. Killer dress!!! :D

    I love love loooove it :D

  13. Madeline! I bloody want that dress! x

  14. Cute! Also, Wolf & Willow is absolutely crush worthy. Which reminds me, I seriously need to alter my template, at least just slightly. <3

  15. what a stunning outfit, i love reading your blog your style is really inspiring. that dress is a beaut xx

  16. I'm in love with your shoes ^^

  17. Nice post again. Outfit is cute!

  18. looking fabulous as always i love your little Q&A section!



  19. those shoes are gorgeous and the socks are really cool as well! love the whole ensemble

  20. wowza gorgeous!! loving this dress

  21. okay so I heard about wholesale-dress.net a couple weeks ago when lua from le-happy posted about some sweet stuff she got from there & then from you so I was like okay it's a sign that I should probably at least check them out right? right. so I literally spent 4 hours on the site yesterday sifting through pages & ordered SO much stuff. it really should be called sickaddiction.net. anyway, you need to move to ny & I do too & it could lots of fun times.

  22. You look awesome!! So I think I have to check the site too :-)

    My Blog
    xoxo Michaela

  23. i like this outfit! love ur rings

  24. you look beautiful darling! Love the small and big leopard pattern and your rings.

    Have a nice day!

    Love Despite color

  25. hahaha that's fine, whenever you get around to it is great. i still can't believe i actually won lol
    thanks again :D

    ps. i'm having a secret love affair with those shoes and that dress and basically everything you wear... but secretly though...

  26. I don't know what it is, but there's something about work lately that is being relentless and incredibly demnanding to some people! For the past three or four weeks, I too have been working constantly. It's driving me insane.

    I'd been introduced to wholesale-dress.net before, and thought it was rather weird having to pay a lot of attention on item pages since some of them are bulk-order only. I checked it out again yesterday and found a shirt that I'd been specifically looking for from one Asian brand for MONTHS, but it's bulk order only. (And I'm not willing to buy a hundred of them.) However, some of their things are pretty nice...I'm waiting for a discounted shipping coupon (they tend to have them every month) before I go through check out. Not too crazy about paying nineteen dollars for an order that subtotals at fifteen dollars!

    And I must say, I'm not a huge fan of animal print, but that dress is super adorable. I'm also ridiculously in love with those shoes, and I'm going to go find out how much those babies are once I hit 'post comment', because I think I need some of those in my life. (Also, if it means anything, I think your tats look really cool. ♥)

    Okay, I'll stop babbling now!

  27. killer outfit!

  28. Stunning outfit!!!You look amazing and your dress is to die for!

  29. I LOVE wholesale-dress.net, I also have this other website for shoes: lovelyshoes.net. If you have the patience for wholesale-dress, then you will definitely have patience for lovelyshoes. The only thing though, is that the shipping is a pain in the ass! Other than that it's awesome



  30. i love this outfit, that leopard dress is so awesome, and i love your purse! your jewelry is pretty amazing too :)

    Fashion Bag 411

  31. oh my god...that website is so addicting! I found 5 summer pieces I have been dying for and they were all like ten dollars! thanks for sharing :)

  32. love this dress !!



  33. I think this is my favourite look on you so far.
    Or so far this month, let's put it that way.

  34. You totally just pulled off leopard on leopard. That's a sentence I never thought I'd write. But sure enough, you look adorable.
    Also, I love that sheepy handbag (ya, I def just made sheep into an adjective), and must immediately check out this website you (and every single commenter) are raving about.

  35. I LOVE this dress!! It looks brilliant on you!!

  36. Thank you so much beauty :D :D :D