77 - I'm a Minimalish

Top - Courtesy of Chicwish ($35), Pants - GET from Neiman Marcus Last Call, Shoes - Alice & Olivia for Payless (bough secondhand), Jewelry - mostly Konstantino

So, this is how I do minimalism, apparently. Look Ma, no rings! I couldn't resist the bracelets, though, which is why this is just minimalish. Please ignore the fact that I look inebriated in every photo -- my eyes have been extremely photosensitive lately and it is not fun.

I loved reading everyone's thoughts on subfashion and the mainstream! I completely agree with the general consensus, which is that fashion is a conversation that occurs between artists and patrons, and through that dialogue, we see crossover.

Since this outfit is so dull, I am going to leave you with something bright and colorful! This is an editorial from the May issue of Interview.

Methinks that tomorrow, I will be dressed like a snow cone.


  1. I love this! It's so different from your normal, crazy style but still looks 'right'

  2. DULL?
    .at all!
    like i said this is my favorite look so far
    best minimalistic and exquisite attitude
    sorry about your eyes! wear shades! you'll rock it!

    perfect perfect perfect
    i have to get a pair of wedges and try to make my own version of this look !


  3. You do every look so well. Dude, you sorta remind me of Kate lanphear.

  4. i have those pants!! exept they are from macy's and much crappier. i wore them so much last year that they are no longer cute. sad because i miss wearing them.
    payless shoes?! no way! they are awesome.

  5. that top is beautiful! and I love your makeup

  6. good plan on the snow cone front.
    I am going to dye my hair and these photos just made me even more excited to do it.
    I have to say I like your more maximalish outfits best, but you look great here too. those pants + wedges = awesome.

  7. LOVE <3

    STEET LIFE: BACK IN 70's http://magmoiselle.fr

  8. i love ur boots and leggins!!


  9. Nice outfit... somedays it's good to keep things simple(ish).

  10. you do minimalish so well :) love it. x

  11. Not dull in the slightest! Though it's probably a rule somewhere that wet look pants are an anti-dull article of clothing. This outfit's gorgeous, either way!

    Love those editorial photos; it really helps when it's so grey outside. (And will be for the next week. Oy.)

    Oh, fun fact: I got a newsletter from YourEyesLie and opened it and immediately switched tabs for a second to comment here. When I returned, the forefront of the email was a collage image of your floral shorts outfit. I CAN'T ESCAPE, YOU'RE EVERYWHERE.

  12. alice and olivia for payless!? SAY WORD. thats amazing. im actually falling in love with your style, mind if i throw you up on my blogroll? :)


  13. this minimalish outfit look good though.

  14. That shirt looks so soft, hehe!

  15. I LOVE this outfit, Madeline! Those shoes are so great!


  16. I LOVE it!! your hair really makes this outfit in my opinion, but I love all the pieces!!

  17. simply fab. if you ever get tired of this blouse, I totally wouldn't mind you sending it to me :D

  18. I love that you totally have a distinct style, but each outfit has a unique feel. Plus, you're just really beautiful! :)

  19. love love love this outfit!

    it looks like something i would wear in every day life and not just for blogging purposes.

    super dope.


  20. Your top Is gorgeous!



  21. Why, hello.
    I'm back and you're still as lovely as ever and all is right in the world.
    Love the top, and another commenter noticed that you totally resemble Kate Lamphear. How did I not see this before? Because it's really quite true.