78 - Pattern mixing is for wussies; pattern clashing is where it's at.

Skirt - Vintage from Thrift Store, Shirt - Alternative Apparel, Boots - Vintage from eBay, Purse - Vintage from Rose Bowl Flea Market, Jewelry - Konstantino + DIY + Flea Market + Vintage + Costume Shop, Sunglasses - from eBay

If the last picture hurts your eyes, you are on the wrong blog, my friend. I'd like to think that this is kind of what my blog is about, being thoroughly silly about aesthetics and generally having a good time with it all...but maybe as if all of that were happening during an era where Janeane Garofalo reigned supreme.

I got these sunglasses off of eBay after falling in love with how great they look on Christine of Christeric, and the listing swore up and down that these were oversized. Naturally, however, oversized sunglasses on my bonkers oversized head just end up looking plainly proportioned, perhaps even a little small, but I am definitely not going to buy another pair. Every time we see pictures of me in these, we will just pretend that they suit my face a touch better than they do.

I don't have much to report right now; my head is swirling for the chaos that is my day job. I will be in New York from next Thursday through Tuesday styling and directing the photoshoot for Konstantino's fall line (which is tres beautiful, if I do say so myself), then in Las Vegas from that Tuesday through the following Tuesday for a trade show, so posts may be sporadic over the next two weeks, but please bear with me!


  1. love it! haha and the title especially. side note, you look great with red lips.

  2. those sunglasses....i've been wanting a pair for so long....
    i wore i skirt that looks just like that yesterday! haha :)
    loveee it

  3. Haha I love the title so much. I wish I had the guts to do that. You make it work so well! By the way, that lipstick is the perfect color.


  4. you are full of radness, you keep me surprising :) you look stunning!


  5. love

    Anja RUBIK en Chopard x Zanotti

  6. I really love the third picture from the bottom.. & I really love even more those glasses on you! SO EFFING JEALOUS YOU'RE GOING TO BE IN NY! have tons of fun though!

  7. I think the sunglasses suit you just fine! I've bought pairs exactly like those off of Ebay that completely overtook my face. Those and aviators; we'll never get along. :(

    Woah, that sounds so exciting! I hope you like NY. I'v never been, but being in Mass, it's not too terribly far away. My finacée and I hope to go together sometime. I hope you post Konstantino pictures from that event sometime; I'm eager to see how you'll style and direct it!

  8. congrats on your hectic but (i would say) successful job, you get to travel and style!!!sounds pretty exciting:D

  9. Perfect pattern clashing, I love it all. The sunglasses are to die for!! They look lovely on you.

  10. love the patterns going on here! I have a silly question though - which jewelry piece(s) is/are diy? I envy your jewelry sooo much.

    Everything looks awesome!

  11. love the skirt & accessories!!! amazing as always!!


  12. I love that the skirt buttons up the front. And the sunglasses look great on you :)

  13. i have to say..this is for experts!! because I would SUCK at pattern clashing. there is an art to this and I would say you know exactly how to do it


  14. love the skirt and the sunnies

    kiss dear

  15. You have certainly one of my favourite blogs ever ! I do not comment much, but I come often to see your lovely outfits :) you're so lovely !!

  16. Waaaaw I love so much your style! You are a real "character" as we would say in France (hmmm I don't know how to translate, but you have lot of personality and good taste ^^).
    Kisses from Paris ;)


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  18. fantastic outfit.. I love your skirt. this whole ensemble is quite a contrast to your minimalish outfit.. I like your bag super a lot.

  19. Love this outfit!! You are so cute with those sunglasses, I could never pull those off but they look perfect on you. I am also extremely jealous of your jewelry collection! xx

  20. Oh, I just thrifted a pretty similar skirt, but it's red. I am in love with you for pairing that skirt with that bag. It's perfectly odd in the most awesome way. And you know I mean "odd" as a great thing!