Interlude - Inspiration

When the folks over at Virgine Magazine emailed me to ask what I thought of their virgin issue, I found myself giddy, overrun with delight. Their introductory issue is both tongue-in-cheek and self-concious, full of playful expressions of their moniker, from Madonna homage to Twitter clouds about what the word Virgin means to the who's-whos of the industry (side note: Terry Richardson answered "Airline?", which is more tasteful than what we all would have expected).

Refreshing is the breadth of subjects covered. While still decidedly fashion-oriented, Virgine expands the readers' horizons by taking us on a cultural journey. We meet the models, but more importantly, we meet the magic-makers: hair stylists, makeup artists, shoot producers, photographers, PR firms, casting agents, fashion librarians -- these are the people who are responsible for keeping the world of fashion safely on the side of art rather than on the side of commerce; these are the anti-cataloguers, if you will.

Aesthetically, the Virgine debut is nearly flawless. The curation of artists represented, both in traditional fine arts and in the art of aesthetics, is well-considered and engaging. The editorial creative direction is satisfying for any fashion fiend, but also whimsical enough to be refreshing, as though we are all lounging about, trying very hard to look brilliantly miserable in our combat boots while a parade forms around us, and behold! it is okay to crack a smile.

All in all, this is a standout feature and I am quite looking forward to what the next issue will bring! I do hope there is a Twitter segment where we get to play word-association games with Terry Richardson again. Quick, Terry! What comes to mind when I say the words "legal age of consent"?


  1. great pics ;D

    Fashion NEWS: Libertie is My Religion

  2. these photos are so great! xx

  3. The last photos is... waw °__°
    So great idea, so meaningful! I love it...
    Thanks to share this!
    Kisses from Paris ;)

  4. You are always getting special, cool, exclusive things! You special, cool, exclusive thing!

  5. you look amazing !! love your shoes :D


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