83 - She Lives!

Hat - Vintage, Top - Forever 21, Mega-Rad Pants - Free People, Bag - Vintage purchased in Williamsburg, Necklace - Courtesy of Oak NYC (yay!), Other Jewelry - Konstantino + Flea Market + eBay + Vintage + J. Crew

I am alive -- can you believe it?! I just spent a very busy but still quite enjoyable week in New York, where I went to direct the Konstantino fall photo shoot. The new collection is very, very pretty, and the photoshoot was a lot of work, but tres successful. While in New York, I made a point to hit up some of my favorite shops, and I came back with a lot of goodies. Just you wait until I show you the crazy sweater shirt thing I picked up at Pixie Market. Other highlights include visiting an adorable vintage shop at The Loop in Bushwick, where the mega-hottie owner sells bizarre fun vintage and handmakes completely terrifying Barbie Doll head rings painted like harlequin faces. They are freaky and amazing. Also at The Loop in Bushwick was a cute little hand-and-locally-made shop where I grabbed a coin necklace, of which I think Britney would be proud. You will have to stay tuned for those goodies -- I promise the updates will resume to their normal frequency now, so you won't have to wait long!

This outfit is the most comfortable thing in the world. I actually threw a fit today, though, when I realized that the top is significantly transparent and I probably ought to wear a bra with it, lest I receive a ticket for indecent exposure while out walking my dog. It's a cruel trick to render someone breastless, but then force them to wear a bra. The pants are ZOMG great, and I feel a touch like Margaret Shaw in them (fun fact: the first time I stumbled upon Margaret Shaw's blog, it was because I had fallen in love with a pair of wide flare-legged floral pants she had posted on Lookbook). I got them from Free People here. The necklace is the perfect touch and I liked it so much that I actually opted for rather minimal jewelry (can you believe it?!) so that it would stand out more. It was a gift from Oak NYC. Oak has always been one of my favorite look-but-don't-touch webstores, because their selection is to die for, but the price points are out of my comfort zone. When they emailed me to ask if I'd be interested in sharing with y'all their new, younger sub-brand A. OK, I replied enthusiastically. It's pretty much everything you love about Oak, but at affordable prices...so, you know, it's got my stamp of approval or whatever, should you care about that sort o' thang. Last cool-thing-worthy-of-note is that awesome vintage bag, which I snagged for $12 at a vintage store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 

Since my pockets are especially empty after this excursion, I thought I'd put together a Best of the Cheap dream shopping list for y'all. Everything here is under $30, rounded up from the usual online shopping suspects. Hey, I saved you some clicking, even if the sources aren't particularly original!

(I actually feel like these pictures don't do this sweater/shirt thing justice; I think I need it.)


  1. You always have the best jewelry i've ever seen. =)

  2. love your look ;)

    Salomé's Thoughts: Bad remake of "Singin' in the rain"

  3. AMAZING Wish I could pull of wearing flares!! Might pluck up yhe courage one day!

  4. stealing your hat and pants if an opportunity ever presents itself.

    xo, m

  5. Yay! You're back. I love those pants... I got the bona drag ones with the built in shorts, but I feel the Nightcap ones are my favorite. Maybe I'll end up getting them in the rust color? They do kinda remind me a lot of Margaret. I want those last pair of sandals, but they don't have my size. Glad you had a good trip!

  6. We've missed you! Youre the shit! I love the lace pants..and the hat! You style is amazing.


  7. om gosh doll those pants are something else you look amazing love love love how you styled them so perfect with that fabulous hat xoxo

  8. those pants are so...beautiful. :'( theyre making me cry! and great accesories, i LOVE the skull ring with the feather headgear, WANT! and your nails! i could go on...hahahahh.


  9. Those pants are amazing! You look so cool in them!

    xoxo Despite color

  10. im in love with ur pants


  11. Great look! I've totally missed your posts.
    And uh I totally need to check out those barbie head rings with harlequin faces...


  12. Those groovy sandals are cool. Great pants!

  13. I saw this in lookbook, It's awesome! I love it :D


  14. Yay, you're back! You should make a list of the places you shopped at sometime; living in Massachusetts means I can hop on the Amtrack and hit NY once in a while, and I'd love to know what shops to look for!

    Also, will you be sharing the new Konstantino photos with us when they're ready? ♥

    Those pants are so gorgeous. I wish they weren't so expensive though, or else I'd buy those things in the blink of an eye.

    It's funny, I discovered the Loud Shorts the other day on F21, and almost bought them, up until I saw the black denim cut offs with fringe on the sides. (I'm just really hoping I understood the sizing system they had going on for them.)

  15. amazing! i loove your lace pants and jewlery xx

  16. glad your NY trip was a success! Love this outfit, we sold a few similar pairs of these lace bell bottoms at work and they sold out so quickly! LOVE!


  17. so i was like a click away from buying those pants, but i have an office job and i couldn't handle dropping $100+ on weekend attire so i backed out. aaarrrggghhhhhh!

    sjfdpoa8*t^*&&98 !@#$%8P9U7 B

    you look great, though, yo.


    Dirty Hair Halo

  18. Glad you're back! I love those pants. No, seriously, I love those pants.

  19. DUDE! I had no idea you and I were a lookbook hook-up...that is a fun fact!
    - your hair grows faster than any human being on the planet.
    - while we're on the subject of cheap stuff, EVERYONE NEEDS TO GO TO THEIR LOCAL F21 NOW. Seriously, I was there yesterday, and they had the best junk they've ever had.
    - I envy your trip to Pixie Market, as I didn't make it there because I found that walking around NY with two boys means:
    a) You can only shop for like an hour a day
    lest you get grumbled at for being
    b) They can spend hours and hours and hours
    browsing vinyl shops and talking about the
    finer points of vinyl and obsessing over
    vinyl. However, that is no way selfish.
    - Regarding the spray shit: the secret is to coat your hair in that dry shampoo spray first. I have no idea why, but it keeps the color spray from flaking off and dying your clothing.
    - SOOO excited you're back! My blog browsing was a bit sadder without you!

  20. Are you an astronaut? Cause those pants are out of this world!

  21. Great outfit! Love it!


  22. THERE YOU ARE!!! I've missed you so much! Can we talk about your hair and how long it's gotten since the last time I saw you??? What are your secrets?! You look gorgeous... and those pants.. oh, those pants.

    I have a present for you! Let's do something soon.

  23. Omg! Those pants are pretty much the coolest thing I've ever seen. They look so good on you. I also love the skull ring with the tribal headdress. There's something quite charismatic about it.

  24. I wanna put a big fat "LIKE" on this post. like to those pants (o.m.g.), your ridiculously fast growing hair, & to you being back!

  25. I love your pants so much Madeline!! and my mom just bought those last pair of shoes.

  26. super cool pant ! you're woderful !

  27. What are these usual online shopping subjects?

    you're fucking perfect by the way