85 - Skull-king About

Jacket - Thrifted, Shorts - Thrifted, Belt - Forever 21, Shoes - eBay, Sunglasses - Party Supply Store ($6!), Blouse - Courtesy of HereJ ($28)

More, more, more...how do you like it, how do you like it

I think that's my theme song for getting dressed. I started this outfit off with just the shorts and boots to compliment this killer shirt courtesy of HereJ, but I just couldn't leave well-enough alone. I got it in my head that I needed to do this crazy skull motif, and added a bunch of goth-y earrings with my skull bracelet and these wacky sunglasses that I picked up at a party supply store. The end result was delightfully schizophrenic.

This top is absolutely amazing. It buttons from the front all the way up (opening at the neck), then buttons all the way down the back. Also, it's asymmetrical, so the top is long enough to be tucked, tied, or left hanging with a dramatic drape, and the back is cropped and breezy. It looks even better when it isn't all wrinkled -- I promise. So, everyone 'round these parts knows the score and can read me like an open book: support small and women-owned businesses, stop by www.herej.com to check out Jane's webshop, where you can find this top and a lot of other goodies. It's super affordable, too, which is always a plus!

Tomorrow, my good friend Abraham is coming over to affix mega-long extensions to my hair while I work. I'd better look like Marie by the time he's done. In the meantime, I will leave you with this:


  1. love your outfit as always! that shirt is gorgeous. and woaahh, those sunglasses are awesome!!

  2. hey girl this outfit just rocks!


  3. awesome outfit. Those sunnies and that skull bracelet.... I want hat all i have to say lol.

  4. I love the color combination.
    And the bangles...
    skulls forever <3

    The top is awesomeee.


  5. Haha those glasses are awesome! Love the earrings too - I'm a sucker for skulls.

  6. you look amazing, love this look x

  7. I am so in love with the colour of that shirt. Also, you reminded me that I need to invest in some Doc Martens.

    I've been on this hidden occult thing for a couple of weeks, shopping for crystal necklaces and skull rings and black clothes. Maybe it's a summer thing?

    Also, it's weird seeing you without your mass of necklaces -- but it looks great nonetheless!

    And now I'll be going through all of HereJ to see all of their bralettes, bye~

  8. love the blue shirt ;D

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  9. oh my god!! oh my god!! I cant wait to see you with mega long extensions!!! Ahh! I am so excited!!!! Your shorts are great, and that top is super unique and cool.

  10. the last photo is the best one i've ever seen on your blog i guess

    and i think i don't have to say that ur blouse is amazing ;)

  11. awesome outfit! just to cool! that blue is electric- love. it. :)


    Meena xxx

  12. I'm so inlove with your blog, this outfit is awesome!



  13. i love the top! and trippy shades!

  14. These photos are especially cool, I like they way they're edited. The lighting is really nice.

  15. You are by far my fave fashion blogger!! EVerythingyou wear i want!! x

  16. Amazing glasses, me likes.

  17. BAMF
    that shirt is incredible


  18. that shirt is so amazing & I can't wait to see you with long hair!

    & I dooo have a gap in my teeth. despite 5 years with braces the second I got my wisdom teeth out they moved all over the place. but thanks for calling me perfect anyway. :) xo

  19. please don't get extensions.

  20. I'm honored. I love this blog, I think I just might do the same

    much lovin gurl <3

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  22. love this!! That shirt is great, love the color. skully shades for 6 bucks? I'm down


  23. The blouse with the washed out black shorts are amazing... and as weird as this sounds I've been listening to disco music for some reason... the awesomely bad yet catchy tunes are addicting.


  24. the back of the shirt is awesome and those sunglasses are silly badass.

  25. very cool styling. well thought out and executed.

  26. Me encanta tu blog
    Y las fotos son geniales

    Pasate :http://restinpeacemymaturity.blogspot.com

  27. Woah AllSaints knock off! http://www.allsaints.com//women/tops/hecia-cropped-shirt/black/wtj052-5

    I like the way you styled it though, I've only worn mine (AllSaints one) with some skinnies and wedges.

  28. Super love that top. And all things skull, of course.

    I am hosting an aztec shorts giveaway if you're interested.
    strawberry freckleface