104 - I might be an internet stalker.

Dress - Courtesy of Romwe, Vest - Vintage, Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell Lanas, Anklet - ASOS, Big Cuff + Dagger Ring + Rectangular Ring - Konstantino, Snake Ring - Courtesy of JFR.SE, Other bracelets + Necklaces - random places

I got this beautiful dress from Romwe. It makes me feel so lady-like, and I am not usually a lady-like person. I also wanted to point out the leather necklace. It is a very small book! It opens and has many pages, the edges of which are decorated with this swirly pretty pattern. I got this book necklace at a random little store here in LA that Brit and I discovered. The store is amazing; I wish I could remember what it was called. It is on Fountain north of Sunset on the left side of the street. It looks like it is inside of a house. Lastly, please ignore the fact that this hairdo makes my head look even more bobble-head-like than usual. 

Do you know about Margaret Shaw of Fashion Litter? I am a creepy, creepy person and I basically internet stalk her. I think she might be perfect. She has this amazing new age hippie punk look going on, and her blog posts are always funny, insightful, engaging, etc. Anyway, in the event that you have not already, please fall in love with her the way that I have! Here are a ton of photos from her blog, because it was impossible to choose just a few:

 Isn't she just spectacular? And look! We even have the same Steve Madden cowboy bootie things. Anyway, her blog is definitely recommended reading and all that jazz.


  1. That dress is wicked gorgeous. I don't know how I managed to miss it on Romwe's website. I often spend an hour just thumbing through pages of their goodies! Also, I meant to mention this on your last post and forgot: I really love your peacock tattoo.

    God, that last photo alone is reason enough for me to check out Margaret's blog; that vest is so amazing.

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous - not bobble-headed at all.

  3. You always recommend THE BEST blogs...
    Any time you've linked to another blog from yours, I know it's going to be kickass. Just like yourrrsss, of course :)


  4. This is definitely my favorite way you've had your hair! Love fish tails, and the side part is perfect on you.

  5. that dress is gorgeous! love the book necklace, it would be even better if you opened it up and there was an actual story in there!

  6. wow love how you've taken that feminine dress and gave it a rock spin. its so unique! love the laces.

    and fashionlitter's blog is amazing. thanks for the post!


  7. that dress is b-e-a-utiful! & I love that you did this post on margaret.. she's all sorts of gorgeous & amazing.

  8. Great recommendations! Great white dress as well! Looking very ladylike indeed!

  9. I love this outfit, especially your jewelery!


  10. CUTE! I am loving your book necklace, how clever! And that dress is very fairylike and pretty. I love how you paired it with leather and some badass chains. GREAT! xxAnisa

  11. I love you're outfit, the split skirt is superb! I think we're all internet stalkers ;) Recently found your blog through a blogger feature.
    I wish I'd seen/met you when you were in Santa Cruz!


  12. love this! you look awesome. but OMG that multicoloured aztec bag thing that Magaret has! in. love.


    Meena ♥

  13. Love how you paired the simple flowing dress with those chunky shoes, they looks gorgeous together! And now I will go stalk Margaret's blog..


  14. encore une fois j'adore !! tenue magnifique tu es magnifique et les inspi sont top!!

  15. I LOVE her too. She is so different and a breath of fresh air.

  16. because of her i bought my prada-style shoes

  17. I absolutely love all the layering you have done here. another great outfit!


  18. Awww, you look lovely. I love how the anklet looks on your shoes. Gorgeous effect.

  19. How do you pick blogs to love? What is your criteria? People that are just like yourself, how boring. Fashion bloggers, wow. Superficial, and you top the cake. Gain some confidence and quit caring about shit that doesn't matter.

  20. Samantha, first off, I'd like to apologize for having a hobby that so greatly offends you. I'm sure that you are too busy replying to Youtube comments to read my response, but just in case you take a break, please accept my humble apologies. I just didn't stop to think that because you, Samantha, are not interested in fashion, then I, Madeline, ought not be either. That was silly of me. Clearly, we should all have the same interests and viewpoints as you. Homogeny is the gateway to utopia, after all.

    Furthermore, you have surely found that all of the posts I make labeled "social commentary" (which deal with the social, cultural, and feminist implications of fashion) fall under the heading of "shit that doesn't matter." I guess it isn't important to address religious iconography as a fashion trend, or the marginalization of indigenous populations by cliche marketing phrases, or how the fashion industry causes us to assess our bodies, or what the male gaze does to our self esteem as women, or why fashion is actually an integral tool of self-exploration for many young women as they develop identities and become courageous and intelligent, or even why fashion is actually a valid form of art like any other and an excellent anthropological marker of where we have been and where we are going. I apologize for having a blog about these things, this "shit that doesn't matter", all of which is obviously superficial.

    Lastly, Samantha, I apologize for no longer being in high school. See, I'm a touch out of practice when it comes to concocting witty comebacks to use when cheerleaders ask me if I am a boy or a girl. Also, there is that fine line where you're either full of yourself or insecure, and since high school, I have forgotten how to justify my levels of confidence to other people. The reality is that since high school, I have found that if you are good and kind and generous to other people, you don't usually have to defend yourself, your interests, and your hobbies.

    So, I apologize for all of the above, and I apologize for not yet answering your question. How do I pick blogs to love? There is no formula in place, but it helps when the blogger is well-read, charming, witty, fantastically funny, and recognizes that if she has to get dressed every day, she might as well have fun with it all.

  21. Madeline, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the response above that you gave to that ridiculous commenter. It's funny how people can find the time to be rude to people they don't even know. In any case, I love your blog. The fishtail braid looks awesome and I love the shade of blue your vest is.

  22. great pics, great blogs!

    i follow you now, via bloglovin'


  23. I just love your rings. are all in silver?
    and where did you get hold of it?
    with best regards


  24. Yep, Margaret is pretty much amazing.
    And, You look suuuper great, too!!

  25. Madeline, I stalk you back, big time. As does my mom, who checks your blog every morning, thinks your hair extensions are gloriously impressive, and wants to see more of that beautiful peacock tattoo. Actually, my whole family had a random conversation about your cuteness last night during Ethan's going-away dinner. So there's six more stalkers. And I think we can definitely count Samantha, who seems to quite like reading your blog...looks like you officially have a full team of stalkers! We could make t-shirts with our names on them and play basketball at church gymnasiums (this would be my idea of what one does on a basketball team- I know less than nothing about any sport involving a ball or balls).
    What a perfect day you chose to say such wonderfully kind things. I've been sprawled on the couch trying not to move my head too much (goddamn ear fluid), calling all my friends at work and pestering them about Ethan's departure (he's breaking up the triforce!), worrying about whether or not 'ol Sammy approves of me...you know, just a shitty day. Oh! I'm gonna email you now, I have a secret to tell you. Switching to that format.

    BUT FIRST!!!
    Samantha, are you proud that you get to join the ranks of such horrible bullies? The kind of people who would ask someone if they're a boy or a girl? OH! And speaking of self-confidence, if you actually think ours' is so goddamn low, then what the fuck are you trying to do??? Make it LOWER? I'm sorry the universe hasn't been kind to you. Really, I am. But, um, karma? HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF IT?

  26. Madeline, I used to like you. But that was before I read your comeback comment. Now, I LOVE you!!!!! Seriously- I was reading what you wrote, and I was like "WOAH. Go! go! go! go!" I love how you threw a little anthro in there, too. Now I know how to reply to ppl when they sniff at the "unintellectual pursuit" of blogging. Mleh. So all I have to say to you is Go! go! go! And also, speaking of karma (as Margaret mentioned [an excellent choice of blog, btw]), in the next life, if it turns out to be that I was a good person in this one, I'll be allowed to raid your jewelry box. Srsly. ;)

    Hope you don't mind that I've saved your comment to my inspiration folder as "Epic Response: 'In Defense of Blogging'" for when I'm in need a good triumphant LoL.

  27. I'll definitely be checking out her blog, her style is so fun and bold. Love your Romwe dress and the way you've added edgy accessories. What an amazing necklace! So unique.

  28. Um.. Can I just say that I died over your response to that anon? Especially "replying to Youtube comments." I am glad we dually recognize that the people who reply to Youtube comments are the ULTIMATE internet trolls... god. I've seen some of the most offensive insensitive shit ever in Youtube comments.

    I stalk Margaret too, and you. I want your shoes from the previous post. Badly.