108 - Kaarme Concepts

Earrings - All Over the Place, Top - Courtesy of Kaarme Concepts, Shorts - Vintage DIY Cut-Offs, Bag - A Birthday Gift from my Mother, Crystal Necklace - Courtesy of Unearthen, Amethyst Prism Ring - Unearthen (Birthday gift from Brit!), Boots - Jeffrey Campbell, Long Necklace - Virgins Saints & Angels (Birthday gift from my super-nice coworker!), Cuff & Filigree Ring - Konstantino

I was majorly stoked when Hallie contacted me about a little gift package for her new label, Kaarme Concepts. Um...rad girl making rad things? Yes please. She sent me over an amazing package with some shirts and a bag, and then she told me that I didn't even need to do a post on it. So, naturally, now I'm doing a post about how awesome she is and how great the clothing is. This tee shirt is so soft that I kept cajoling my boyfriend into petting it. "Isn't it SO soft?!" I would demand. "Yes," he would acquiesce. "It is a VERY soft shirt..." He probably thought I was a bit off my rocker, though.

Back on topic, this is Hallie:

HOT. And look! I just pulled my three favorite recent photos of her, then realized after the fact that she's wearing Kaarme in two of them. It must be fate.

Who can guess what I'm going to say next? Anyone? Anyone? Beuler? 

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  1. gorgeous looks!! i love your red boots <3

  2. Adore this colors in this look! And Hallie is amazing! wow ahah :D

    xoxo, Céline

  3. Wow, I love the tattoo on your shoulder..

    Lots of Love,
    Lily from Red Brick Lipstick

  4. Madeline, you're so sweet. I'm stoked you love the gifts, and you look amazing. Enjoy! xoxo

    halcoholic com
    kaarmeconcepts com

  5. That Kaarme top seems to suit you perfectly, methinks. I also totally noted the Unearthen ring; I'm dying for one of those, but I don't think I could ever conjure up the cash. Brit's so lovely to have given that to you!

  6. love that bag!


    also <3 the gal with the black flares!


  7. I love Hallie and Kaarme stuff seems really nice!

  8. hey hun gorgeous as always and I loving all your jewellery. Love Hallie's blog I have been following it for a while I love her style. You should do a post about your tattoos and what they mean you have some amazing ones xoxo

  9. I want to touch it's softness! Haha!

    No seriously great look! The colour of the denim really pops out! Denim really makes a great couple with baby pink,

    Have a great day!


  10. Oh my, totally awesome outfit... jealous! Saw you on youreyeslie.com today as well, nice! Thanks for retweeting my post as well :) xx

  11. Such a rad clothing line! Super nice outfit as always.

  12. HOLY SHIT. I seriously bought two (TWO!) of these shirts before I even finished reading the post. Because my life is incomplete (sad, but absolutely true) without the horrifyingly awesome zombie AND the snakerider.
    Hallie is a badass, and you are a badass, and all that stuff.

    Now I am gonna go stalk her blog.

  13. Just popping in to say something about how I want your entire collection of earrings. And that shirt is great.

  14. I'm loving the laid back feel to this outfit... esp. the bag!


  15. Hallie has amazing style! I looove her blog & clothes and her shop is super rad. You look soo great! I love your hair in this post, it looks super nice!

  16. Super important to add: Hallie is married to Bobby Liebling. of Pentagram. The godfathers of doom metal as we know it.

    makes her even cooler than that ouroboros.

  17. So good looking! I love your blog! My favourite*