109 - Scallops and Nets

Bell-sleeved knit net sweater - Vintage, Scalloped shorts - courtesy of Kastor & Pollux, Shoes - I got mine at wholesale-dress.net but you can get them at Romwe as wholesale-dress.net no longer carries them, Prism ring - Unearthen (birthday gift from Brit!), Wood cross necklace - Courtesy of JFR.SE, Filigree ring - Konstantino

Occassionally, I go through this thought process where it seems like a really great idea that I don't wear eyeliner or lipstick, and in my head, it looks really "natural", but in photos, I just look like Death (capitalized because it's a proper noun here, people, as I am referring specifically to what I imagine sickle-dude looks like under the hood). Accompanying this total lack of makeup was an outfit that I loved for its simplicity, and also for the fact that I felt as though I were tricking people all day. It was just so comfortable that it felt like pajamas, and I was thrilled that it didn't have the same visual effect.

These shorts were a gift from Kastor & Pollux, a wonderful web shop of glorious goodies designed and operated by 19-year olds Bianca and Dani, two remarkably kind and talented young women. Yep, you read that right: they are just 19 years old. As I feel like I am embarking upon a journey towards crotchety old woman-dom, it is nice to see "kids these days" do something outstanding and productive. 

In the spirit of aging with style and grace, I wanted to share with you a few very funny quotes. As longtime readers know, my family is phenomenally quirky and funny and fantastic. They are also all rather fashionable and eccentric types, and I am thrilled to be another gal in a long line of kooky-awesome. Sadly, my great-grandmother (who went only by the nickname "Dode") passed away very recently. She was, I believe, 90 years old. I have a lot of fantastic memories of great-grandma Dode. She was a social butterfly, full of energy and good jokes. Her house was always full of treasures, like sculpted elephants and Persian rugs and VHS double-tape copies of "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World", which I watched endlessly at family dinner parties. She glided around the house, her hair cut into a fashionable pixie, wearing floor-length daishikis and printed dresses. She wore platformed sandals and jewelry. She was simply wonderful. 

A funny side-note about the women in my family: we are historically extremely un-photogenic. Given the nature of my blog, you might think I'm being tacky and fishing for compliments, but I can assure you that I'm being honest. My boyfriend remarks that it takes hundreds of photos to get one or two good ones out of me. He thinks that I blink more than the normal person, and I move more muscles in my face than average. I think if this is true, I surely inherited it. As a result, all of the women on my mother's side of the family look slightly inebriated in most photos. There is a famous photo of myself, my mother, her aunt (my grandmother's sister), and my great-grandmother standing in the kitchen of Dode's apartment, all of us looking unintentionally -- yet thoroughly -- idiotic, half blinks and what have you. It's perfect.

I do hope my mother and grandmother don't get upset with me for posting their photo on the internet, but this is a very old picture (6 years old maybe?) of (from left to right) my mother, my great-grandmother Dode (just look at that awesome muumuu!), me (I went through a heavy blush phase for some reason -- and look! A Mike & Chris sweater...man, I used to love that line), and my grandmother all looking the best we have ever looked in a photo together  -- a perfect fluke, for which I am grateful!

Four generations!

Where was I going with all of this? Oh yes, quotes. So, unfortunately, Dode passed away this month. I was unable to attend her service, but my mother brought me a card from it. The card captured her spirit wonderfully, as it included some choice quotes from Dode, some of which were so funny that I feel obligated to share them with you now:

On having a bad style day: "I look like something out of The Grapes of Wrath!"

On having a bad hair day: "I look like Toulouse-Lautrec!"

On being overdressed: "I look like Mrs. Harris went to Paris!" 
I assume this one is referring to how a painfully American woman might dress were she vacationing in a place she imagines to be the capital of haute couture?
EDIT: Christine assures me that this is a reference to a movie!

On wearing a tight-fitting outfit: "I feel like a sausage tied in the middle!"

On over-spending on clothing: "Oh, well! Chicken today, feathers tomorrow!"

On seeing Mick Jagger on TV for the first time: "He looks like he's full of infection!"
I imagine that this comment was at least somewhat complimentary.

An exclamation of incredulity: "Well, twirl my turban!"

And here are some for which I know no context, but they are wonderfully poetic and entertaining:
"Wouldn't that frost your teeth and give your tongue a sleigh ride?"
"If I had a brain, I'd be dangerous!"
"All you can expect from a pig is a grunt!"
"Get off the table, Mabel -- the two dollars is for the beer!" 
Perhaps she had a friend named Mabel who was prone to spontaneous fits of table-dancing?

I hope that through the above, Dode was able to bring you at least a taste of the joy she brought so many people throughout her life.

Also, unrelated, props to anyone who got the meaningless duality of my silly blog post title. 

And, a mark of shameless friend promotion, Brit has started using her Tumblr! Follow her, should you be so inclined.


  1. "Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris" (that's the actual name of the movie, I'm saying it in Cockney accent in my head as I type it) is an old Angela Lansbury movie which is apparently based on a book of the same name.

    Unfortunately I know this because I couldn't sleep one night and watched it in its entirety on the women's channel.

    Also: love, love, love your blog!

  2. wow you guys age perfectly!
    your mum could be your older sister your grandma your mum and i had to read who everyone was twice coz your great grandmother could be your grandma!

  3. oh yeah and you hit the nail on the head every time with your clothes :)

  4. Yeah,the outfit stands out indeed for its simplicity and your simplicity too,These pics have Powerful visual effects, are incredibly fantastic. Your drooping eyelids make you look so enchanting,you've got such a pretty face!!The bag,kind of vintage,awfully good,suites the whole stuff...Appreciate your way of being yourself real... best wishes to your great-grandmother..

  5. simple but beautiful outfit! love the last photo, so warm and sweet having a photo of your family on your blog!


  6. I just adore these photos! Your knit is fantastic and I'm honestly in awe with your hair! It's such a beautiful colour :)

  7. awww! the 4 generations pic is sooo sweet! :)

  8. loving your blog! found it through Lookbook.nu and had to follow!


    Bang & Buck

  9. gorgeous shoes, jewellery and hair! <3

  10. I love this knit, is beautiful!!
    The color is very nice ^^
    And I love too your braidings <3

    Your blog is great, I follow you!

    m u a a a k

  11. I think I inherited the extra blinking and facial muscles as well. It's like my face moves more than most people, and the camera catches every horrible still.

  12. So sorry to hear about her passing, she sounded so sweet.

  13. that sweater looks so comfy! and i love your shoes. sorry about your great grandmother. that pic is so cute

  14. those quotes are hilarious.. I was definitely LOL-ing over here. LOVE the family photo too!

    & those shorts are so pretty!

  15. Beautiful contrast in colors, and I love the repetition of the crosses.

  16. This post is amazing, and thoroughly entertaining, not only for the fact that your outfit is perfection and your accessories drive me wild with envy-but you seem like one of the most down to earth, intelligent, and hilarious bloggers I've ever come across. I can relate to you on the strange face spasm/blinking issue because I force my sisters to take countless photos of me just to find a few good ones among them! OH, and as far as the no eyeliner goes- lately I've been trying to do the 'natural' thing myself, and go sans- eyeliner/mascara. I convince myself it looks good, and then I see a photo of myself. hah! But I have to say, you trulyyy look stunning in these photos (not trying to shower you with obnoxiously ass-kissy compliments, I mean it!), and your hair looks so good like this. Your great grandmother sounds fascinating (as does the rest of your family) and from what little you've shared about her, she reminds me SO much of my best friend's Great Grandma Gigi, who unfortunately passed recently as well. She was such a lively and funny woman, and people who have such vibrant spirit live on far after they've passed away-whether it be through memories, stories, or the impact they've had on the people who loved them. Well, I think this is the longest comment of all time, so I better wrap it up. Have an amazing weekend !!

    x Sea

  17. You do such a good job of making simple pieces look really stylish! The details of your outfits are always amazing. And those quotes are golden. Great post!

  18. My mom always used to say the Grapes of Wrath expression!

    Love your bell-sleeved sweater!

  19. I love how it almost looks like you have nothing on underneath and then if you look closer it is a beautiful scalloped short. So cute!!!

  20. 4th pic down looks like you have a front butt! Other than that, you look great! Love the scallop shorts.

  21. I loved those quotes! she sounded like a real treasure... your outfit is amazing! I love all your accessories too. I think they really give more depth to the outfit. Love your blog =)


  22. What a lively witty woman she was! I've never known her, of course, but it seems so.

    I really like this wooden cross on your neck. Looks great on blue.

  23. i have never seen shorts like those!! splendid!



  24. oh and raw look is definitely best. for some reason recently i've literally only been wearing mascara- usually it's eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick- but nope keepin it realllll.

  25. I really like the natural look, though! I'm only just getting into wearing eyeliner. I used to be terrible at applying it, so I avoided it all together.

    So sorry to hear about your great-grandmother. My fiancée's grandmother passed recently as well. Dode sounds like she was so amazing and infectious! She's the kind of woman I want to end up being when I'm old and retired, someday. (If I make it!)

    Also, I really really love that sweater and that bag. Comfy-looking outfits definitely have to be my favourite. ♥

  26. i do love your sweater, it's awesome !!

  27. You look amazing, Madeline.
    Your great grand mother Dode sounds really great! I like her quotes.. My grandpa has funny things he says like those. :)

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