112 - Fake Missoni + Fall Shopping Guide

Dress - Thrifted Vintage Shirt (Boyfriend's), Belt - Vintage (Boyfriend's), Hat - Vintage (Boyfriend's...geez, sorry I raided your closet, Lam), Purse - Vintage (Birthday gift from boyfriend), Boots - Steve Madden, Fur Collar - H&M, Jewelry - Flea Market + JFR.SE + Konstantino

Well... hello, blog. This is awkward. Okay, I know I haven't updated in something like ten days, but I swear I still love you. Now, to make up for days of neglect, I am going to dump a ton of things onto you right now. I'm sorry I never made it to your soccer games, but happy 16th birthday, here is a Ferrari!

First order of business: discussing the ensemble. The dress is another belted shirt. You all know my tricks and shenanigans by now. Go to thrift stores and buy things in odd sizes, then MacGyver new ways to wear them. I swear by it. Long-time readers may remember that my mother used to wear long-sleeved shirts as skirts, tying the arms into a bow at her hips. It's all about bizarre creativity. Also, most of what I am wearing was stolen from my boyfriend's closet over the past year-and-a-half. His closet is just too awesome! I can't ignore the many treasures lurking in there. He bought this shirt probably three years ago at a thrift store, pre-boyfriend times. I told him it was the ugliest thing I had ever seen, and he responded that he knew I would end up stealing it from him one day. I, of course, denied this vehemently, which means that when I sulked out of my dressing room wearing it, he smirked (smug!) and said, "Well, well, well. What do we have here?" We have one proven-wrong girlfriend, is what we have here. Anyway, the fur collar was just picked up at H&M this week, so they are still there if you want to go get yourself a faux-beast to wrap around your neck. I am planning an amazing winter-time look that involves my leopard leggings, a black-and-white very 1950s sweater also recently acquired at H&M, and this collar. I said on Twitter that my recent H&M purchases look like what would happen if Marilyn Monroe and Melissa Auf der Maur had a lovechild.

Second order of business: harassing you all about the Chictopia Influential Blogger contest. Do you feel appropriately cajoled into voting yet? It is a very cool contest that will send the winner to NYFW. Just sayin'...

Third order of business: I received an email from The Blind Hem. The site has not yet launched, but I am majorly stoked on it. It is going to be an online compilation of what they call "intelligent fashion writing." It's about our personal experiences and relationships with fashion. Finally! They are collecting submissions now, so if you feel that you have something, I encourage you to submit! This is a very exciting project and will be a great asset to the growing online fashion community.

Fourth order of business: Fall. What does Fall mean to you? I am a product of a consumption-based culture (still trying to come to terms with that), so to me, Fall means shopping. The changing of the seasons is an opportunity for us to reconsider our closets, schlepp unloved items over to Wasteland, Crossroads, Goodwill, and Salvation Army, and hunt for new articles of clothing that better express our current outlooks. Fall hasn't even started yet, but I am feeling the 90s, hard. At my age, I am on the cusp of proper adulthood, and I am excited to give my 20s one last hurrah by paying homage to the wacky grunge styles that so inspired me as a child. Anyone who follows my Tumblr already knows what I'm talking about. I remember watching Mallrats and Empire Records as a kid, leafing through the liner notes of Hole's Live Through This, and devouring the pages of Rolling Stone mesmerized by the whimsy of 90s grunge fashion. I love how there is a subtle rebellion in whimsy. I am especially pleased to see the spirit of 90s grunge mix with classic bohemian vibes.

Inspiration - Bohemian Grunge

That brings us to my Fall Shopping Checklist! A lot of these things can be found vintage or DIYd.

1. A Rad Jacket
Fringe, fur, leather, denim, knits, rivets, studs, etc.

2. A Pair of Knit Shorts
I am definitely going to be wearing my cut-offs over black tights come fall, but I'm also really into these knit little buddies. How perfect would they be with a flannel, denim jacket, and black lace-up boots? Also, I'm in the market for a pair of crushed velvet short-shorts with an elastic waistband and no detailing. I might have to make those bad boys myself.

3. Throwback Accessories
Pairing off-the-wall accessories -- 70s wide-brimmed hats with 90s mini-backpack purses and a simple dress.

4. Cozy Pullovers for Layering
All of these cozy pieces would look rad layered over printed maxi dresses. Also, I want to wear that cropped thermal top with everything.

5. A Printed Dress
To pair with beanies and combat boots.

6. A Doily Dress

7. A Basic Maxi
It's like sweatpants, but socially acceptable.

8. A Simple Fringe-y Dress
Fringe isn't dead.

9. All of the shoes in the world.

10. Something Drapey or Hangy that Goes Over Other Things
I would pair one of these over a floral dress, but that's because I dress like somebody's nutty cat-lady Aunt Midge. I think I actually tone my looks down for my blog...

11. A Pair of Statement Pants
I think my dream pants would be crushed velvet floral bell bottoms.

Okay, now I feel like I've made up for my days of neglect. I swear, I'm trying to get back on a regular posting schedule!


  1. Oh Madeline I wish this was my outfit!!

    Love the inspo too xx

  2. love that bag. and all the items you chose!!


    Meena ♥

  3. Welp, I just got about 101930394742X more excited for Fall. Thank you, Madeline, for putting all of my lusts and most desired objects in one post so that I can fantasize and most likely be pushed to the brink of an all out maniacal shopping bender. My bank account won't be happy, but I will be! So that makes it alright? I already went nuts yesterday at good ol Salvo and bought about ten pairs of the most ridiculously ugly printed high waisted mom pants that I plan on hacking into short shorts (I think you would approve, I even found a tan suede pair and I started hyperventilating a bit) AND this jacket that looks like it was made from an antique couch or upholstery of some sort. Successssss.



  4. love the outfit! and i'm drooling over the gold-toed shoes. they are so gorgeous~ ♥♥

    xx maggie

  5. goorgeous outfit as always! love your boots and bag. and aweesome wish list! soooo want like everything there.

  6. i use large tops as dresses all the time, when i go to thrift stores i never check sizes. so, i love that someone else does this.
    the outfit is amazing.

    well, duh I voted for you! there is the fact that you are the only person on that list who's blog i've seen, you are from the same home town so I definitely need to represent, and you are just too amazing anyway. aside that, every time a door opens for you just means that I have an opportunity to do me(yes, I just freely quoted nicki minaj). anyway, hope you win.

  7. THIS is the best outfit ever, serious.

  8. Oh my god! Thank you for putting all of that fall inspiration out there.. I loved everything you had up there.. mmm yes! I really hope you win the chictopia funtime. I cant wait for it to get a bit cooler so I can wear some of your fall suggestions.. this is literally the best post I have read in SO long. ahhhhh. overwhelmed with ideas!!!!

  9. This is most definitely one of my favourite outfits from you. I'm not quite sure what it is about it, so I suppose it's everything! (Definitely love the hat, and the shirt-dress, and the fur scarf, and the boots...okay, so like I said: everything.)

    I'm...actually really, really dreading fall, because that means it's going to be getting cold here in New England, which means winter, which means more cold, and that it's going to be dark over here at around four in the afternoon. This is just not my scene. However, everything you listed has acted like a valium on my anxiety for the impending cold weather. Luckily I have my eye on a pair of what I hope qualify as statement pants on UO's website, and you've definitely helped me decide to go ahead and spend the money on them asap. (And on the note about drapey over-wear, I can't wait to wear the kimono I received from you as a fall piece, as I think the colours are absolutely perfect for the season. ♥)

  10. wow great outfit, dress, boots, bag... everything! And the post is really good too!


  11. your blog posts are so informative and so much of your personality shows in your writing. I haven't met you in real life, but I can already make the assumption that ur cooler than cool. I am obsessed with that yellow vintage printed dress from free people!! need that on my bod. I'm glad I could help in your bohemian grunge inspiration:)

    <3 Jana

  12. crushed velvet floral bell bottoms are actually on nastygal lol

  13. oh jeez, this post is my fashion dream come true! your fur stole is the shit, I'm totally going to submit to the blind hem, and those jackets? bananas.

  14. this fake missoni shirt dress spectacular is GREAT. & I love your little furry collar friend!

    PLUS I want all these fall pieces you've listed. all. of. them.

  15. hey gurl!!! first off..this is a great post. Love how you did it.. first I was attracted to the outfit but everything you posted below is also amazing..oh and KILLER boots



  16. you look so stunning in these photos with your hair down! amazing outfit as usual. if i was to sum up your style i would probably call it bohemian grunge, and you pull off the look so well. also, just watched a couple of your tutorials - adorable! xxx

  17. awesome photos!! very inspirational!! and love your outfit <3

  18. perfect post- love evry item you posted. that black leather jacket with the fringe, BE MINE!!

    great outfit too!


  19. you're so beautiful *_* I love that dress. Ok the whole outfit... And actually, I bought that fur collar just today, like it alot.

  20. j'adore ta tenue tu es magnifique! et toutes c'est fringues sont splendide!!

  21. Beautiful dress/belted shirt haha.

  22. I am in love with this dress and those boots are just fabulous in so many different ways!


  23. Amazing fall inspiration! Like you're reading my mind! Loving layers, more pattern and texture, and LOTS of 90's!


  24. Wow hun you amazing fall inspiration some gorgeous pieces. I will be dragging my fur accessories out of the wardrobe.

    You are rocking your BF shirts looks stunning on you and I love how you styled it I am always envious of your jewellery collection xoxo

  25. love!


  26. I love the hat you are wearing!


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    In the Light of Style Giveaway!

  27. You look amazing as always. I love how many items in this outfit you have stolen from your boyfriend haha!

  28. Love the look!! This is one of he most unique looks that I have seen in ages!!



  29. ok....love everythin here



  30. you are so rocking bad@$$! that's one stunning stolen boyfriend shirt outfit ensemble. did you accidentally on purpose forget to reference my so-called life. you did watch that tv show, right?


  31. Another amazing post! I love the outfit so much, the shirt is amazing - good boyfriend! And the inspiration is bang on too <3 x

  32. love this!!!

    http://imjustmefashionblog.blogspot.com :)